Are You Promoting How Clean Your Bouncy Castle Rentals Are?

Are You Promoting How Clean Your Bouncy Castle Rentals Are?

How are You Communicating Your Equipment Cleaning Practices to Customers?

This has been an incredibly strange bouncy castle rental season, to say the least. Event and party rental customers have always wanted assurances the equipment they’re renting is clean and safely maintained. But it’s of course more true now than ever. 

A bouncy castle rental may have gotten away with being dirty last summer. But 2020 has been the year of cleaning, disinfecting, and social distancing. A dirty bounce house, inflatable water slide, or party tent always had the risk of sinking a rental business, but never more so than today.

It’s safe to assume most event and party rental companies are taking cleanliness seriously during this crisis. But a surprising number of those companies aren’t doing much to inform customers about their cleaning and disinfecting practices. And this isn’t just a transparency issue, either. It’s a marketing one, too.

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With so many countless Americans concerned about public health and safety, promoting your company’s cleaning practices should be a no brainer. Presenting this information to customers assures them your rentals are safe. And for those customers, that also means their loved ones—their children, especially—are safe while using your equipment.

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Simple Suggestions for Informing Customers About Cleanliness

Going about informing customers about your cleaning practices is pretty simple, and shouldn’t cost much money either. Most of you already have a website and a social media presence, so you already have the infrastructure to promote your bouncy castle rental company’s cleanliness and safety protocols.

Here are a few simple suggestions for letting your customers know how seriously your bounce house rental company takes their health and safety:


  • Transparency first, sales second. Don’t constantly angle these efforts toward sales. Be transparent, honest, and informative. Your goal should be reassuring customers your equipment is safe, first and foremost. Everything else, including sales, should be secondary.
  • Create a page on your website discussing health and safety standards. Explain how often you clean your bouncers, party tents, and other equipment. Discuss your process for cleaning and disinfecting. This is a good opportunity to also mention maintenance checks and the process you use to determine if equipment needs repairs or replacement.
  • Blog about health and safety, too. Does your website have a blog? If so, it’s a good idea to write about health and safety in your community and your steps to keep your equipment safe for customers.
  • Post on social media. Tell customers following your company about your protocols and explain why you take these steps seriously. Posting a video of your team cleaning a unit is a good idea, too.
  • Update your website’s FAQ. Does your website have a frequently asked questions page? Add some information here about how you keep bouncy castles and party tents clean.
  • Health and safety signage. If your event and party rental business has a physical office with customer access, consider printing out and hanging up a notice regarding your health and safety practices.


Your Bouncy Castle Rental Units are Clean. Let Customers Know!

Cleaning a bounce house and cleaning a party tent are mission critical tasks, and your event and party rental company puts real work into getting its rental equipment squeaky clean. Of course, your customers are only going to appreciate these efforts if they know about them, you know?

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Your customers want to know your equipment is clean and safe, and it doesn’t take much effort to let them know how and why your party tent and bouncy castle rental equipment is ready for use. These simple steps will go a long way toward reassuring your customers that they can have faith in your cleaning process, and that you take the safety of their families and friends safely.

Health and safety have always been important in the event and party rental business. But now more than ever, customers expect to know how equipment is cared for. We hope these simple steps help you connect with your customers and show them their next bounce house and bouncy castle rental with your company is one they can rely on.

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