Bounce House with Slide Combos

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  • Beef up your inflatable offerings with a bounce house slide combo from Tent and Table.

    Kids are drawn to bounce houses - they offer a thrilling activity that's hard to find elsewhere. Most cities don't offer trampoline parks, after all. Many families don't have one, either. And most parents don't allow kids to jump on beds.

    A bounce house is the most common amusement kids find that lets them jump all the way to the sky. So imagine how much fun they will have when a slide gets added.

    Safe sliding

    Slides at playgrounds are not very fun. Usually they are short and not slick at all, so a trip down them can be more like sitting than sliding. As a matter of fact, we see slides used more often as ramps to enter playground equipment, not as a ride down. And even if the slide does work fine, the fall at the end can be painful.

    That's what makes a bounce house with slide so engaging: The slide is in much better condition and the result is much safer. Kids will love sliding down and bouncing off the floor in a combo bounce house.

    More and more churches, schools and fundraising groups are joining rental companies and event organizers in investing into these engaging inflatable bounce houses. At Tent and Table, we make it easy to find a high-quality bounce house with slide feature. We've been helping customers like you for more than 35 years, and have earned a stellar reputation for excellent customer service. We pair you with a personal consultant who can analyze your needs and help you choose an exciting bounce house slide combo.