Heavy Duty Stakes for Inflatables & Tarps

Heavy Duty Tarp & Bounce House Inflatable Stakes

Inflatable and Tarp Stakes


  • Stake Your Claim on these Inflatable Stakes, Tarp Stakes, and more!

    At face value, a stake seems like a pretty simple and straightforward piece of equipment. What could be simpler than hammering a stake into the ground and calling it good? Ordering your stakes from Tent and Table, that’s what’s easier!

    Okay, it’s probably not literally as easy as hammering a stake. Our website is super easy to order from though, and our sales team is ready to take on any questions you throw at them. They’re a sales team that knows what’s at stake. Yep. We just made that joke. We’re not apologizing for it, either.

    Each heavy duty metal stake is made from rust resistant steel with zinc plated finishes and is tough enough to take on all of your equipment anchoring needs. Whether you’re looking for ground stakes to anchor inflatables, metal stakes for securing tarps, or just some simple camping stakes, Tent and Table has the right stake for your job.

    Need help selecting the right stake for your needs? Reach out to our sales team today and they’ll be happy to guide you toward the perfect stake for your application. They’ll help you find whatever it is you’re looking for … so long as we sell it anyway, of course.