Folding Tables

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  • Find high-quality folding table options for your events at Tent and Table.

    Event organizers can often get frustrated trying to find tables. Rental companies often choose only one or two kinds of tables, without considering that event organizers may have specific needs in mind for seating arrangements, traffic flow and more.

    When it comes to wooden folding tables, we have plenty of options at Tent and Table. With a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, our foldable table selection lets you find exactly what you need.

    Different needs, different sizes

    So what sort of event are you running? Consider these ideas:

    • Fundraising event. These benefit from long rectangular tables that allow multiple people to be served at once. They offer space for people to fill out a registration form or pay an entrance fee.
    • Playing card games, tournaments. Maybe you have an outdoor bridge tournament in mind? Or perhaps you're taking your Pokémon or Magic: The Gathering contest to the great outdoors? Square tables are a good fit. Smaller square tables also are valuable for spot placement addressing random needs.
    • Hosting a banquet or other meal? Round tables help everyone enjoy ample elbow room, and also make the most of space between tables.
    • Organizing a bar or food line? Our serpentine tables make a good use of space. The shorter side offers enough space for a chef or attendant to serve, and the longer side accommodates a line.

    In all those configurations, we offer multiple sizes and material options. We also offer bar risers to give you additional height for drink-serving applications, and a variety of accessories and replacement parts for decorating and upkeep. All of them fold out easily for fast setup, and fold down for effective storage. AND don't forget: we've got a wide variety of folding chairs to complete your seating arrangements.

    Contact our table experts at Tent and Table today. A personal consultant will listen to your needs and help you find the best folding tables for your needs.