Water Barrel Covers

Heavy Duty Vinyl Water Barrel Covers & Vinyl 55 Gallon Drum Covers for Sale


  • Own a Water Barrel? A Water Barrel Cover is a Necessity!

    Some of you may be using water barrels as tent anchors or ballasts. And some of you might be using them for their actual intention: to store water. Either way, a water barrel cover is an absolute necessity, and we offer high quality covers that can withstand pretty much anything you toss their way.

    Water barrels are used as hefty weights for anchoring tents, commercial inflatables like bounce houses and inflatable water slides, and more. And they’re more obviously used for storing large volumes of water, too. Covering up your water barrels allows you to vastly improve their aesthetics when used in commercial applications. And when you’re simply storing water, water barrel covers safeguard your water supply from the elements and ensure more sanitary, healthy conditions when you need that water the most.

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