Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Commercial Inflatable Obstacle Courses for Sale - for Kids & Adults!


  • An inflatable obstacle course from Tent and Table gives children an exciting, entertaining place to play.

    Bounce houses are perfect for younger children, but older ones may get bored with their simplicity. Jumping up and down, by itself, loses its charm when you get taller, after all.

    Thanks to advances in inflatable materials and technology, inflatable amusements are getting much more involved, and these inflatable obstacle courses are a good example. Inside these unique inflatables, older kids - and even adults - can test their physical abilities as they jump through features that resemble the ones on certain reality TV shows.

    With an inflatable obstacle course, a kid can test their inner American Ninja with leaps and ducks. The inflatable surface offers a forgiving cushion for falls, and even lets kids cut loose with their leaps and dives.

    So many options

    At Tent and Table, we offer a number of engaging bounce house obstacle course options that will make your event more exciting. Because these can also double as adult bounce houses, we've seen college activity boards pick these up and offer them for students to blow off steam.

    From climbing to diving, participants can do it all. The only thing you have to do is select which style you like. Several of these are so big they come in multiple units, and many come with the blowers you need to keep them inflated and pillowy.

    At Tent and Table, we have been helping event organizers, rental companies and others find high-quality, affordable inflatable amusements such as these obstacle course inflatables. We've earned an outstanding reputation for excellent customer service, so give us a try. We'll match you with a personal consultant who can assess your needs and point you toward the perfect option.