Maximizing Your Warehouse Space with Organization Tips

Maximizing Your Warehouse Space with Organization Tips

Warehouse Space Feeling Unorganized?

We’ve all been there. Folding tables stacked in one corner, party chairs scattered in another. And where did you put that commercial inflatable you rented out last weekend? 

A cluttered warehouse is overwhelming. Your initial thought may be, “I should look for an off-site unit. I need more space.” However, expansion isn’t always a feasible option when it comes to finding additional storage. Before you pull out your checkbook, consider a few of these techniques that can help you fully utilize the current area you have. 

Re-Evaluate Your Warehouse Space

Start simple and plan your layout. Do you want chairs and tables stored near each other? How many do you have? Do you organize your rental equipment by season and popularity of use? Determine a general idea of where you want items to go and the estimated amount of space needed. Based on our rental experience, we have a few suggestions for you.

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Narrow the Aisles

There may be additional space right in front of you where you walk! Measure the minimum amount of space needed for aisles and walkways, and mark the area out. Use floor space up until that mark for storage. Be sure to leave yourself enough space to move up and down the aisles safely, but don’t let space go to waste, either.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Build up, not out. Utilize vertical space and invest in heavy duty storage solutions to store your rental equipment. Options include stacking pallets, mezzanine flooring, and heavy duty shelving, to name a few. When installing these units, double check to ensure that you are abiding by building fire codes and sprinkler layouts, in case of an emergency. 

Portable Storage Will be Your Friend

Once you discover that extra floor space, consider storage options that are portable, such as carts for tables and chairs. Not only do carts provide storage, but they are convenient for set-up and take down. Carts allow you to stack and store items. They’re easy to maneuver and easily store tables and chairs. Don't waste your time trying to transport these items in a flimsy box that isn't going to protect your investment.

Where Can I Buy Portable Storage?

Tent and Table carries quality portable storage units for folding chairs, bistro tables, and both round and square tables. So, how much are they? Their prices are reasonable, especially given their value. And where can you buy one? Tent and Table carries exactly what you’re looking for to manage warehouse space. Give us a call today at 1-716-832-8368 and let us help you find durable portable storage to maximize your warehouse space!

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