• Inflatables from Tent and Table will help kids have an amazing time at your event.

    Playground equipment is one thing, but when it comes to seeing children's eyes light up in excitement, nothing else does the trick quite like inflatables and bounce houses.

    Kids can do things in inflatables that they can't do anywhere else. The bouncy walls of a bounce house let kids jump and fly like nothing else. They also can move full speed without having to worry about impact injuries. Older kids enjoy games that can be played on unique interactive inflatables.

    These air-filled amusements are becoming more common, with schools, churches and other groups investing in them. At Tent and Table, we make it easy and affordable to offer such a unique feature at your events.

    So many ways to play

    With Tent and Table, you can take your pick of inflatables:

    • Bounce houses. These inflatables are basically self-contained trampolines.
    • Bounce houses with slides. These multitasking inflatables give kids even more ways to have fun.
    • Interactive games. These feature structures that enable competitions between kids.
    • Obstacle courses. Also designed with older children in mind, these engaging inflatables have TV show-vibes.
    • Inflatable water slides. These are outstanding for hot summer days.

    We also carry top-of-the-line blowers to keep those inflatables puffed and pillowy, and a full line of accessories for transport, decoration and repair.

    What sort of inflatables are you interested in? For more than 35 years we've been helping people like you find the best-suited inflatables and commercial bounce houses for their needs. One of our experts will become your personal consultant, answering every question you have and pointing you toward a perfect choice.