Inflatable Repair Kits

Commercial Vinyl Repair Kit, Inflatable Repair Kit & More!


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    A child “forgetting” to take his shoes off. A sharp branch coming down off a tree. You’re only one accident away from an inflatable disaster. That’s one caterer tripping. One customer mishandling your equipment. One dog turning your commercial inflatable water slide into the world’s biggest chew toy.

    You won’t often find great vinyl repair patches in a local store … and said store might not even be open when catastrophe strikes. So we strongly suggest keeping at least one inflatable patch kit or inflatable repair kit in your truck or van at all times. And Tent and Table has everything you need to repair holes and tears on the go.

    We have repair kits and patch kits suited for vinyl (most of our inflatables and party tents are made from vinyl). But some of our products are good for other materials, too, like canvas, nylon, polyester, rubber, PVC, fabric, neoprene, or even leather.

    Our repair and patch solutions can be used to fix an air mattress, an inflatable boat, a bicycle tire, a garden hose … you name it. We have TEAR-AID repair products, colorful liquid tape, marine glue, and more!

    Not sure what product is best for your needs? Contact our sales team and let them help you find the right repair and patch tools for the job.