• Tent and Table offers a line of powerful floor dryers that help ventilate rooms.

    Every event organizer knows that, despite their best efforts, they can't control everything. Weather and other surprises can have an effect on events that threaten to ruin all the potential fun.

    Whether you are facing high temperatures, or excess moisture from a leak or flood, a blower fan or air mover from Tent and Table can help.

    Solving problems

    We offer floor dryers, carpet fans and other floor blowers that help solve problems:

    • Handling temperature. Sometimes, a day's humidity can make even a shady spot uncomfortably warm. Ventilate that warehouse or pavilion with a blower fan and get some important cooling breezes started. Proper ventilation helps mitigate stifling air, after all.
    • Handling leaks or floods. If a floor space has been slickened by rains, or if flooding has soaked a carpet, our floor dryers are absolutely critical for preventing further damage from mold. Our floor dryers are powerful fan blowers that can move a lot of air over a wide swath of space.
    • Handling smoke. Sometimes the winds don't cooperate. Ask anyone who has ever grilled a lot of burgers or brats for a fundraising event. A strategically placed fan can prevent a dining area from getting smoked out.

    In addition to exhaust fans and other blowers, we also carry ducts that help you further direct air flow.

    You'll love the selection we offer. Contact us today and tell us about what kind of events you host. We will have a personal consultant help you peg down your problems and find the perfect floor dryer solution.