Complete Twin Tube Sectional West Coast Frame Tent

Save on Heavy Duty Twin Tube West Coast Frame Tent with Sectional Top

Premium West Coast Frame Twin Tube - Sectional


  • Double the Tubes, Double the Power: Twin Tube Frame Tents

    The frame tent was invented as a solution to a major issue with the pole tent: center poles taking up space unnecessarily. And they have the added benefit of having rigid top frames, which adds to their overall versatility. So how do you make that frame tent design sturdier?

    Put simply, you double up the tubing!

    Our twin tube sectional frame tents use twin tube frames, hence the name. This makes each canopy tent considerably tougher and more capable of taking on shoddy conditions, like high winds or poor weather. And it means they’ll last longer and hold up better to long term commercial use, too.

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