Save on the #1 Commercial Inflatable Adult Slip and Slides

Slip and Slides

The Perfect Slip and Slide for Adults and Kids Alike!

Ready to slip and slide your way into incredible summer memories? A commercial-grade, rental-ready inflatable slip 'n slide from Tent and Table is just the ticket for your party and event rental business. Children of all ages can't wait to get in on the action and beat the heat with these inviting, colorful inflatables at festivals, backyard parties or community events.

Good Business Sense

During a busy event season or hot summer, you want to have an exciting selection of inflatables for birthday parties, church functions, fundraisers and more. Add a few Tent and Table commercial-grade slip 'n slides to your inventory and see your customer demand go sky-high. You can use them on their own or create a mobile inflatable water park by blending your slip 'n slide with inflatable water slides and our bounce house and water slide combos for a wet and wild party zone.

Quality Construction

Each slip and slide offered at Tent and Table features built-in safety features and thoughtful engineering. We use commercial-grade Phthalate-free PVC vinyl for exceptional strength and durability. Our heat-sealed seams get extra reinforcement with extra vinyl patches, and we even utilize expansion seam technology at 90° stress points to prevent common rips and tears. We don't sell your run-of-the-mill slip 'n slide at Tent and Table. These professional, commercial-grade, high-quality slip 'n slides are designed to withstand wear and tear and outlast a busy summer rental season.

Thrilling Selection

Browse our inflatable slide 'n slide collection to see your favorite styles, colors and sizes. We have popular themes, including a tropical style and retro rainbow with a vintage '80s feel that will bring out the fun-loving kid in everyone. Imagine watching your co-workers' families splashing away at an office picnic or engaging with your neighbors and a summer shin-dig, all thanks to these enticing inflatables.

Isn't it time to order new commercial slip 'n slides for your busy summer rentals? Call Tent and Table at (716) 832-TENT (8368) to learn more, or contact us online with your questions. We can help you narrow your choices and find the perfect slip 'n slide for your needs. Don't let another summer pass you by without upgrading your selection of inflatables with the best slip 'n slides from Tent and Table.