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    Once an exclusive item offered by rental companies, a commercial bounce house is now something sought by churches, schools and other fundraising groups - for obvious reasons. Kids love everything about them, from the bright, colorful exterior to all the fun they will have inside.

    When you think about it, kids don't get many chances to jump as high as they can when they play. Trampolines are rare among homeowners, trampoline parks are hard to find even in major cities and most of us frown on our kids jumping on our beds. Bounce houses are one of the most common ways kids will get the thrill of jumping like a bunny rabbit without the risk of severe injury.

    All the more reason such groups are seeking bounce houses for sale. At Tent and Table, we have an impressive selection of them.

    Variety of ways to play

    Our bouncy houses for sale include castles, tropical islands and more. Made with durable materials, they are built to handle the rough sorts of play that jungle jumps encourage. Some of these offerings include accessories and toys for even more fun inside, such as basketball hoops. They also come with blowers that help you keep them pillowy and inflated.

    These bounce houses for sale are an outstanding choice for schools, churches and other agencies that host events for kids. They are also good for rental companies and event organizers hoping to add more kid-friendly features to their offerings.

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