Commercial Grade Rental Staging, Platforms and Subflooring


  • Stocking a party and event rental business is much more than just tables, chairs and tents. You want an inventory of products your customers didn't even know they needed, from festive inflatables to staging and subflooring. The commercial-grade staging products at Tent and Table can help you turn your client's next event into a show-stopping spectacle. We have everything needed for a smooth setup and breakdown as well as a variety of stage sizes to ensure any event has a main attraction.

    All The World Loves a Stage

    Not all events are equal. Some call for more production, flash and pizzazz. If you are hosting an end-of-year banquet, fundraising event or entertainment production, a stage will help ensure that everyone can see the show. At Tent and Table, we carry a wide variety of event staging products and stage platforms that help you put all the focus on your speakers and features. These rental products come in handy for all sorts of events; the possibilities are endless.

    Here are just a few ideas to show you how necessary and versatile commercial-grade staging can be at events:

    • Celebration banquets. Your chamber of commerce or charitable organization has a lot of success stories to tell and some important honors to award. With a stage platform, you give those moments even more prominence.
    • Wedding ceremonies. Perhaps that beautiful bride should be placed on a platform - along with the rest of the wedding party, of course. If the wedding and reception are in the same hall, then the stage can double as a place for a wedding band to perform or the DJ to set up expensive equipment.
    • Talent shows and pageants. Make sure all those upcoming stars can be seen by the audience, so everyone in the crowd has happy and clear "I saw them before they got famous" memories.
    • Fashion shows. Set up your fashion-forward event on site, complete with a catwalk to get a closer look at the designs.

    Set the Stage for Quality

    Our team builds our quality event staging products to be durable, safe and strong. From complete stage packages to replacement parts as simple as snap pins and braces, these products help you build a reliable stage that puts the focus on the people performing or presenting on top of them. We even have storage carts to make transporting staging from warehouse to venue a breeze.

    Have questions? We have answers. Let a personal consultant help you consider all the advantages of an event staging system from Tent and Table. Call us at (716) 832-TENT (8368) to get started.