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Commercial Event, Party & Canopy Tents for Sale:

Party Tents

Find the perfect party tent for your events at Tent and Table.

When the weather turns comfortable and wonderful, it becomes the perfect place for hosting events. And while the weather gets a bad rap for its bad days, many more of those days are pretty amazing, perfect for holding swap meets, fundraisers, carnivals, tailgates, weddings, reunions, concerts and so much more.

Whether you are interested in hosting private parties for family and friends, or whether you are an event organizer putting together a large gathering, we have the best event tent for your needs.

Variety of sizes, styles

Our line of event tents includes so many sizes and styles. In general:

  • Our Weekender tents are entry-level party tents for sale to people hosting private events for friends or family. Lightweight, durable and easy to set up, these party tents are perfect for tailgates and backyard barbecues.
  • Premium commercial party tents are made with stronger materials for repeated use and longer life than entry level options. These are ideal for event organizers, vendors and other entrepreneurs who rely on outdoor sales.
  • High-peak party tents that look like they are straight out of a wonderland. The dramatic peaks are perfect for weddings or carnivals.
  • West Coast Frame tents are expandable, letting you adapt a tent system in a variety of different ways.

While our party tents are built to be strong and durable for long life, what really sets Tent and Table apart is our customer service. We've been helping people like you for more than 35 years find the perfect tents for their needs. With us, you'll get a personal consultant who can walk you through the best options and answer all of your questions.