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  • Bounce House and Water Slide Accessories

    Your commercial inflatables are going to a beating as you continue to rent them out over time. But with a little TLC—and with the right replacement parts and accessories—you can keep your inflatables up and running season after season.

    If you need to fix your bounce house, inflatable water slide, zorb ball, or another piece of inflatable equipment, Tent and Table can help you find the right part for the job. We have replacement parts for our interactive inflatables, too, like boxing gloves, joust poles, Twister dice, and other add-ons.

    From the simplest jar of liquid tape to a feature-rich repair kit to the mightiest hand trucks around, we’ve got the parts and accessories your company needs to survive and thrive. We’ve got modular art panels, sand bags, HH-66 vinyl cement, marine glue, commercial blowers, and so much more!

    Not sure where to start? Call our sales team at (716) 832-8368 and we’ll be happy to help you find all of the heavy duty replacement parts and accessories you need.


  • Count on Tent and Table for inflatable accessories that help prolong the life and performance of your inflatable features.

    Many churches, businesses, schools, fundraising organizations and other event organizers are choosing to invest in their own bounce houses these days. Whether they host regular events for children or sales events throughout the summer, those inflatable or water slides see their share of use.

    That means those features also endure their share of abuse. As you can imagine, kids jumping in a bounce house will take a toll on the materials and equipment involved.

    Rather than replacing the entire feature, Tent and Table offers a large like of inflatable bouncer accessories and bounce house supplies to help you protect your investment.

    Repair, don't replace

    With these tools and accessories, you can prolong the life of that water slide bounce house or inflatable feature. Our selection is large, and covers:

    • Inflatable parts and components, so you can easily repair damage.
    • Setup and teardown tools to help you deploy or clean up easily.
    • Storage bags and other solutions.
    • Carts and dollies to help you properly transport and position bounce houses and more before inflating them.
    • Misting hoses for keeping water slides slick and cool.
    • Art panels for adding visual fun to a feature.
    • Sports accessories to help get the most fun out of a feature.
    • Repair supplies and components so you can protect your investment.

    Excellent customer service

    What kind of inflatable do you have, and what kinds of problems does it give you? Contact us today, and we'll help you solve all those problems. Your own personal consultant will listen to your needs and recommend the best options available.

    For more than 35 years we have been helping event organizers like you keep their inflatable features in good working order, season after season.