• Add bouncy house rentals to your offerings with high-quality Rental Lite inflatables from Tent and Table.

    If you are a rental company, event organizer or venue owner, you've already seen the demand for inflatable amusements. Bounce houses, inflatable water slides, inflatable obstacle courses and more are big hits with kids.

    But the cost of those larger inflatables can be restrictive for a business simply wanting to dip a toe in that lake.

    Rental Lite and Tent and Table make it possible to add bouncy house rental to your services without breaking the bank.

    Several options

    These Rental Lite bounce houses, inflatable slip and slides and other amusements are lighter-weight units perfect for smaller groups such as birthday parties and family reunions. Customers calling to set up for those types of events may be looking for something to entertain children, and these bounce houses fit the bill.

    Each of these are made from high-quality materials, strong enough to withstand the exertion and strain caused by kids being kids. Many of these options include extra toys and features such as basketball hoops and slides. They inflate into eye-catching, colorful constructions, such as cabanas and palaces, and they come with the blowers you need to inflate and keep them bouncy.

    These are also good choices for churches and schools seeking to add entertainment for their children.

    Is a Rental Lite inflatable bounce house right for you? Contact us today, and we'll pair you with a personal consultant who can help analyze your needs and make a good recommendation. We've been helping event organizers, rental companies and many other customers for more than 35 years, and we can't wait to help you in the same way.