UltraLite Air Frame Games

Save on our Fun & Exciting Lightweight UltraLite Air Frame Games for Sale


  • Add the thrill of an arcade to your event with UltraLite air frame games from Tent and Table.

    Younger children will be quite happy with a bounce house, but older children enjoy games that test their skill a bit more. They also enjoy competition, trying to score more points than their friends.

    Thanks to advances in inflatable amusements, these UltraLite inflatable games make it easy to bring those challenges to events.

    Simple game, many themes

    The genius behind these frame game options is that the back panels are interchangeable and can be customized to a theme. Each one is a throwing-based skill game, where players aim softballs at holes in the back. That back panel features a variety of themes, from sports to sci-fi, from ponies to pirates. 

    That means rental companies and event organizers can invest in one or two games, then pick up a bunch of replacement panels and offer customers a selection of custom themes. A ninja-themed birthday party one day, followed by mermaids the next? It's easy to offer.

    Each game features a built-in blower, so no need to attach to a separate fan. Even with the built-in blower, each unit is lightweight and easy to transport, so setting up two or three is simple. Brightly colored vinyl attracts attention and ensures long-lasting performance.

    For more than 35 years we've helped people just like you offer high-quality inflatable activities to event attendees. Contact us today and find out how these UltraLite air frame games can help increase your bottom line and serve your customers better. A personal consultant can answer all your questions and help you find the best options for your needs.