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  • Heavy Duty Commercial Water Bags and Sandbags for Sale

    Your inflatables, tents, and other equipment are valuable investments. But Mother Nature? She doesn’t really care about things like “money” or “property.” And that’s why you need to anchor your equipment using water bags and sand bags. Because she can and will pull those things off the ground if she’s able to do so.

    Sandbag weights are incredibly versatile and are used in a wide variety of applications. Will sandbags hold down a trampoline? Will they hold back flood waters? Certainly. As simple an idea as bags of sand are, they’ve proven themselves invaluable for thousands of years. And these sand bags are built tough and designed to last.

    All of our sand bags for sale at Tent and Table are made of double-stitched 18 ounce vinyl. They have a 50 pound capacity, and ours are sandbags with handles, too, making them “sandbags to go” and easy to rapidly deploy. These are sandbags without sand included, though. You’ll need to provide your own sand. Not that we need to explain how sandbags work, of course.

    Meanwhile, Each water bag for sale on our site is made of heavy duty 18 ounce vinyl with reinforced seams, and each has a 5 or 10 gallon capacity. These versatile refillable dromedary bags can be filled and emptied onsite, making load out and load in easier. And a 10 gallon water bag will weigh more than a sand bag (but less at 5 gallons), making them a bit more versatile. But the water bag vs sandbag debate will really be settled by the application more than anything.

    Whichever weight bag is right for your needs, one thing is true above all else: When you’re wondering where to buy sandbags or water bags, Tent and Table is your answer. Chat with our sales team and learn more about these products today!