Storage Carts, Dollies, Hand Trucks


  • Manage event tables and chairs easily with carts and more from Tent and Table.

    Whether you are an event organizer putting together your next spectacular gathering, or a venue ready to welcome guests for another magical time, you have the same challenge: Making sure you have enough space for guests to sit comfortably.

    There is no short cut to this step. Tables and chairs need to be placed in specific positions so that guests can either view or dine easily and without limitations. While a group of people can make this job faster, the right dolly carts, hand trucks and other storage options make the entire job much more efficient. They also help protect your investment when not in use.

    Versatile carts, hand trucks

    A moving cart or other dolly is a valuable tool for both groups:

    • Event organizers. If you offer chairs and tables as part of your service, then each gig requires two places: Moving those chairs from storage to a truck, then deploying them on site. When the event is over, you have the same two steps: Loading them up and storing them until the next use. A dolly cart is your best friend for every phase of this process.
    • Venue operators. Whether you have your own tables and chairs or whether you rent a few extra, a reliable moving cart helps you set them up for an event and store them away until the next one.

    At Tent and Table, we offer a line of push carts, dollies, hand trucks and storage carts that are built to be strong and mobile. We also offer replacement parts such as casters and rollers so you can make repairs without having to buy a whole new system.

    Contact our experts today: A personal consultant will help analyze your needs and pair you with the best storage carts for them.