You’ve got one cooler for food and another for beverages. You’ve got a folding table and a few folding chairs, all conveniently stacked in together. So what’s missing? A high quality pop up tent from Tent and Table, that’s what!

    A pop up tent should serve in a residential capacity as a portable party essential. It should be compact, lightweight, and easy to set up on the fly. But a pop up tent should flourish in an event or party rental atmosphere, too. It should showcase the benefits of high quality components coming together in a heavy duty, commercial grade build.

    Our pop up tents are precisely that. They’re designed to offer ease of use, free of the compromises simplicity is often coupled with. You deserve a convenient pop up tent with a build quality focused on strength, resilience, and durability. And that tent can and should be affordable and attractive, too.

    A Versatile Pop Up Tent That’s Ready in a Flash!

    So just how easy is it to set up one of our pop up tents? On average, one experienced person alone can set up a 10x10 pop up tent in just ten minutes or less. Our pop up tents are designed from top to bottom for rapid deployment and simple teardown, without needing you to lug around lots of extra tools and parts.

    Our canopy tops feature a collapsible accordion design that eliminates the need for tent poles, center poles, or guy ropes. These are mounted on a fully adjustable tent frame utilizing quick release pull pin joints for getting your one person pop up tent set up even faster.

    Our pop up tents are incredibly versatile, too, whether you need an indoor or outdoor pop up tent. You can stake them into soft or hard ground, or simply anchor them with sandbags or water bags for indoor use. They’ll work just as well in an auditorium as they will as a pop up beach tent.

    All of our tents accept tent sidewalls, too. Need a pop up privacy tent that can be raised in a hurry? Every pop up party tent available at Tent and Table can be accessorized with attractive sidewalls just as quickly and easily as setting up the tent itself can.

    The Very Best Pop Up Tent for Consumer and Commercial Use

    Let’s face it: not every instant pop up tent on the market is made equal. There are many pop up tents offered by major retailers that are designed for casual, occasional backyard use. And don’t get us wrong … that’s great for people who just need a cheap and easy pop up tent for a handful of small family events. But the rest of us? We need something a little more heavy duty.

    A pop up canopy tent from Tent and Table isn’t quaint, nor is it humble. It’s a commercial grade heavy duty product built from high quality components, designed for use in event and party rentals.

    Our pop up tents utilize heavy duty nylon joints and fittings, fully welded foot plates, and anodized aluminum frameworks. Each waterproof pop up tent top is UV, flame, and mold and mildew resistant, too. And most of our pop up tents have been wind tested to speeds of 100 KM/h, or 60 MPH. Any pop up tent should protect against the elements, but our pop up party tents chuckle at them.

    Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Pop Up Tent for Your Needs

    With our huge selection of styles, colors, and sizes, Tent and Table surely has the perfect pop up tents for sale to match and exceed your needs. And our party tent professionals are looking forward to helping you find the best pop up tent for you or your company.

    Give us a call at 1-888-322-5606 and speak with one of our party tent experts today. They’ll introduce you to all the pop up tents for sale that align with your needs and help you find your next pop up tent today!