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Save on the #1 Commercial Inflatable Water Slide for Sale


  • Make a Big Splash! Find an Inflatable Water Slide for Sale

    Looking for an exciting and safe way to beat the heat this summer? There’s no better option to cool off while having loads of fun than with an inflatable water slide, and Tent and Table has the perfect inflatable water slide for sale to help you splash your way into an exhilarating summer!

    Whether you’re a professional looking to augment your inventory with a new rental unit, or a church or afterschool group looking to entertain kids, or a family hoping to transform their backyard into a small water park, Tent and Table has an inflatable slide that will perfectly suit your needs.

    Commercial Slides that are Built to Last

    Crafted from heavy duty, high quality commercial vinyl and designed to strictly adhere to US safety standards, the commercial inflatable water slides you’ll find here at Tent and Table are designed to withstand season after season of commercial use.

    A big question everyone asks before they buy a commercial water slide is that of safety. How reliable is this commercial water slide? Does it meet safety standards where I live? Is it safe for children?

    Each inflatable water slide for sale on our website complies fully with the Lead Free Toys Act. They’re free of phthalates, and they meet or exceed NFPA 701 and CPAI 84 Fire Codes. They feature reinforced stress points, with extra material that reduces pressure at 90° stress points. Our commercial water slides also feature easy deflation zippers and built in water drains, too.

    Whether you’re renting your new slide to customers or entertaining your own neighborhood in your backyard, you can rest assured that each inflatable water slide sold by Tent and Table is designed and built with the safety of our own children in mind. If we wouldn’t let our kids use it, we wouldn’t let your kids use it either.

    Need a BIG Inflatable Water Slide? We’ve Got You Covered!

    Let’s be honest … when it comes to buying an inflatable slide, size matters. You want a big inflatable water slide—the bigger the better—because higher starts and longer slide paths result in more fun for everyone.

    If you’re looking for giant inflatable water slides, you’ve come to the right place! Many of our commercial slides are scaled huge for big fun, with heights exceeding 20 feet and lengths exceeding 30 feet.

    Our commercial water slides are great for people of all ages. Need a kids’ inflatable water slide, or an inflatable water slide for adults? We have units that can handle in excess of 1,000 pounds at a time, ensuring these commercial water slides are fun for the whole family!

    Even our “smaller” slides are on the larger side, standing 12 feet tall and running 23 feet in length. Any of our smaller commercial slides would pass as a “big” slide with most other retailers. If you want to find a truly giant inflatable slide that’s still safe and manageable despite its epic size, we surely have options for you!

    Find Great Accessories for Your New Slide

    Each commercial inflatable sold by Tent and Table comes with all the equipment you’ll need to get started, including blowers (air movers), stakes, and more. But we all know even the best commercial grade heavy duty equipment does wear down over time, and parts do tend to go missing. You’ll find all of the accessories and replacement parts you need right here at Tent and Table!

    Our blowers are some of the best in our industry. We carry a full line of bounce house blowers that will work great not just for your water slides, but for your bounce houses and inflatable obstacle courses as well.

    We also carry inflatable repair kits for patching commercial vinyl, vinyl adhesives, inflatable vinyl strips, inflatable and tarp stakes, sand bags and water bags, and more. Whatever replacements you need to find or repairs you need to make, we’ve got what you’re looking for!

    The Best Inflatable Water Slide, and the Best Price!

    Commercial inflatable water slides are available all over the web. But you don’t want just any slide … you’re looking for the best inflatable water slide. A water slide that’s safe for your children and their friends. A slide that can fulfill the needs of your customers and provide hours of fun to their guests.

    The best inflatable water slide is the one that can exceed those goals without breaking a sweat. It’s versatile enough to perfectly suit any application, whether it’s a backyard birthday party or a church fundraising event or a fun summer festival held behind a family entertainment center. And it boasts an established track record of safety, built by a company that appreciates keeping you and your children safe.

    The best water slide is the one that fulfills all of those needs. And we’re confident you’ll find that commercial slide right here at Tent and Table!

    Give us a call at <a href="tel:1-888-322-5606">1-888-322-5606</a> and speak with a professional water slide expert today. We’d love to answer any and all of your questions and help you find the perfect water slide for your next big event, party, or rental booking.