Inflatable & Bounce House Blowers

Inflatable Blowers, Bounce House Blowers, Air Blowers & Air Movers for Sale


  • An inflatable blower or fan from Tent and Table will help you keep air-powered features full and operational.

    Equipment rental companies aren't just renting blow up inflatables anymore. Businesses, schools, churches and other organizations are purchasing their own features these days. We have been in the equipment rental business for 35 years, and we approve of this evolution. In many cases, we recommend it - if you have intents of hosting regular events for kids who would enjoy bounce houses, or if you want to snag attention with inflatable marketing features such as wind sock men, then you absolutely should purchase your own. Your investment will quickly pay for itself in saved rental costs.

    Our experience tells us the first problem you'll have, however, won't be with patching up holes.

    Reliable inflatable blowers

    At Tent and Table, we know that the first thing that will give you problems is the blower motor. All that bouncy fun is made possible by a fan or blower that can provide a suitable air current for a sustained period.

    Many inflatable kits give you subpart components, however, and that goes double for the inflatable air blower. That's why we offer a line of reliable, powerful inflatable blower fans for a variety of features:

    • Bounce houses and other inflatable attractions.
    • Wind sock figures and other inflatable mascots.
    • Air movers for ventilating a construction site or water damaged area.

    We also carry replacement components for those blowers and fans. With Tent and Table, you not only invest in a quality unit, but also a unit that can be repaired easily if it breaks down.

    Find out the difference for yourself. We have a stellar reputation for excellent customer service, and you'll find that out firsthand when you speak to a personal consultant. We want to help your events be a rousing success.