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  • Count on Tent and Table for high-quality tables and chairs for sale that are perfect for hosting your events.

    While outdoor events are entertaining and compelling, they still require some of the comforts of indoors. A wedding banquet without places to sit except for the grass, for example, sounds like it would kill deposits for tuxedo rentals.

    Folding tables and chairs are a godsend for event organizers. More than dining room sets, these handy pieces of furniture turn any large indoor or outdoor space into a banquet hall fit for a king - but only when they are sturdy and comfortable.

    Plenty of tables and chairs for sale

    At Tent and Table, we have a variety of folding chairs and tables for sale, built to be strong and durable, yet easy to set up and store between events:

    • We carry several folding chairs for a variety of events, from basic looks to more ornate designs.
    • Our selection of folding tables includes standard and non-standard varieties, from standard circles and squares to serpentine shapes.
    • In addition to what you would find in a dining table set, we offer cocktail tables, bistro tables and folding risers.
    • In addition to those options, you'll find storage carts, dollies, hand trucks and other storage methods that also help during setup and teardown.

    Whether you are an event organizer or a venue owner, you'll get a lot of use out of these folding tables and chairs. We've been helping customers like you for more than 35 years find the best options for their needs. Contact us today, and we'll introduce you to a personal consultant who can answer all your questions and help you find the perfect chairs and tables for your needs.