Individual Sidewalls


  • Tent Sidewalls are the Ultimate Must-Have Party Tent Upgrade

    By itself, a party tent does a great job of protecting event guests and partygoers from the elements. Well, most of the elements, really. Rain and snow can render outer areas of a tent moot, especially when the wind picks up and blows their wetness inside. And even with a lockout tent top, harmful UV rays and oppressive heat can still work their way into the tent’s usable space. That’s where tent sidewalls earn their keep.

    Tent sidewalls aren’t mere tent accessories. They transform the entire aesthetic dynamic of your party tent while boundlessly expanding their functionality. Other tent accessories might be helpful. They might even be necessary. But no other accessory will so dramatically improve the curb appeal and core usability of your party tent. Not even close.

    Call our party tent experts today at 1-888-291-4615 and let us help you find the perfect party tent sidewalls for your equipment. You might not set up your tents without them ever again!