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Folding Bars & Podiums


  • Event organizers face plenty of challenges in creating premium amenities using portable furniture. While rental tables and chairs are easy enough to offer, a portable bar is trickier. Bars aren't exactly made for sitting After all,they are more of a service counter, not made to seat people or encourage them to congregate. That means that most portable bars require more height for proper serving. The same problem is true for buffet tables; how can you display a bounty of dishes and make them accessible to everyone in line?

    Tent and Table has a solution to your beverage and buffet service conundrum: folding portable bars, bar risers and other event rental necessities. Our folding bars and risers solve a lot of those service concerns. Our mobile folding bars are durable and robust enough for hosting event after event, while our bar risers come to the rescue with extra room for premium spirits and chafing dishes.

    Make Your Selection

    What kind of event are you hosting? Weddings, fundraisers and galas often have at least one bar to accommodate a thirsty crowd. At the same time, parties and other occasions that do not offer a seated dinner rely on a well-organized buffet to move along food service with a delicious display. Tent and Table has these event rental options that may be exactly what your event needs:

    • Bar risers look like smaller tables or benches but are not for guest seating. These structures are made to sit on top of standard folding tables. When covered on the guest side, they offer plenty of storage space below the top surface for preparing drinks or keeping ingredients handy. They are also fantastic for buffet tables, especially if the tables are against a wall or only accessible from one side. Our selection includes configurations for straight and serpentine tables, so choose whatever best fits your event space.
    • Folding portable bars give you everything you need from the ground up for a beverage station setup. While not as long as the folding tables that can accommodate bar risers, the all-in-one construction of these portable bars offers a more polished, distinctive look. We have them in 48" and 72" lengths to provide ample room for your beverage service.

    Outstanding Customer Service

    Tent and Table has offered high-quality portable bars, tables, chairs and other event supplies for over 25 years. When you shop with us, you'll get a personal sales consultant who listens to your needs and recommend the best options. Whether you need a portable bar table for party needs or a riser to enhance your next banquet, we have the perfect solution for your party and event rental business.