Save on the #1 Commercial Inflatable Slide for Sale


  • Inflatable slides from Tent and Table make your events exciting hits with kids.

    Playground slides are one thing, but inflatable slides are something much more entertaining for kids. The ones at the playground aren't very big and get kind of sticky. We see kids running up playground slides more often than actually sliding down.

    That's not the case with these slides. Premium materials and air cushioning make these inflatable slides tower above everyone, showing off bright colors and offering an exciting ride. You'll see kids line up again and again for a chance to go down these wild rides.

    So many slides

    At Tent and Table, we offer a variety of inflatable slides for your events. Whether you're holding a seasonal event for a church or school, or putting together a special promotion for your business, these inflatable slides will be crowd pleasers. Among our offerings are:

    • Standard inflatable slides. Just like a bouncy house, the inflatable design offers plenty of cushion for a longer, more thrilling ride without injury.
    • Inflatable water slides. Perfect for summer events, these slides offer the same thrilling ride with a cool splash at the end.
    • Inflatable slip-and-splash-slides. Made for flat surfaces, these unique amusements encourage kids to run at full speed, then slide their way down.

    These are outstanding choices for churches or schools that host regular events for kids, as well as rental companies and event organizers marketing people seeking family friendly activities.

    Our staff of experts can help answer your questions. With Tent and Table, you'll enjoy the advice of a personal consultant who can help analyze your needs and guide you to an affordable option. We have been helping customers like you for more than 35 years find high-quality inflatable slides and more.