Single Tube High Peak Frame Tents

Save on Commercial, Heavy Duty Single Tube High Peak Frame Tents


  • A High Peak Tent Makes a Statement of Elegance at Any Event

    Traditional wisdom in the party rental industry states that a pole tent is better suited for a wedding, whereas a frame tent is more ideal for events with high volume. But what happens when you have a high volume wedding?

    A high peak tent doesn’t just combine the aesthetic qualities of pole tents with the high functionality of a frame tent. Their styling makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. They’ll draw your eye like a star tent, but then they’ll let you go so you can focus on what’s under the tent. And let’s be honest, that’s what really matters at your customers’ events, right?

    Our high peak tents are manageable, functional, and built sturdy enough to navigate the perilous jungle that is frequent party rentals. With heavy duty anodized schedule 40 aluminum frames and 16 ounce blockout PVC vinyl, these party tents are able to take on pretty much anything your events will throw their way … and they’ll do it while looking great, too.

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