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  • Outdoor Lighting: Tent Lights, Decorative String Lights and More

    If you’ve ever attended a truly special event or outrageously fun party, you know as well as we do that sunset doesn’t necessarily need to mean funset. An ideal party rages on after dark … provided you have ample outdoor lighting, of course.

    Helping your guests keep the dance floor in the wedding tent warm means they’ll need quality outdoor lighting. And Tent and Table has an inspiring collection of outdoor tent lights, globe string lights, outdoor post lights, chandelier lamps, and more.

    Set an outdoor globe lamp in each corner to create a natural-looking atmosphere. Line the tent frame with decorative string lights, or use multicolored globe string lights to splash the tent top with excited hues.

    Call our party and event rental equipment experts today at 1-888-322-5606 and let us help you find the perfect outdoor tent lights and event/party lighting options to illuminate your party tent in style! Save on tent lights for sale at Tent and Table!