Inflatable & Vinyl Adhesives / Glues

Commercial Inflatable Vinyl Repair Adhesives & Glue


  • Stick With Us for your Vinyl Adhesives!

    Looking for vinyl adhesive and liquid tape solutions for your inflatable and tent repairs? Well look no further! Tent and Table has a great selection of strong adhesive vinyl glue and liquid tape products to get your inflatables and tents back in tip-top shape in no time.

    What is adhesive vinyl used for, you ask? Repairing commercial inflatables, like bounce houses and inflatable water slides. You can use it to repair party tents, too. Anything made with vinyl can be repaired using vinyl cement; the applications are almost endless.

    Since most of our products are made from industrial strength vinyl, we wanted to be sure our vinyl adhesive products were top shelf. To that end, we offer both HH66 and SX69 adhesives. When you need a gallon of glue with a fast dry time and a water tight, clean and dry finish,HH66 and SX69 are the best vinyl adhesion options around.

    Need something better suited to covering up exposed wiring, without needing to worry about messy adhesives? We offer liquid tape products too, in an assortment of colors that will help conceal your repairs. And it’s not just for wires or terminal ends. Liquid tape works wonders on tent tops and sidewalls, too!

    Tent and Table has a world class sales team eagerly awaiting the opportunity to help you find the best vinyl adhesives for your needs. We’d love to hear from you today!