Pop Up Canopy Tent Replacement Parts & Accessories

Save on our Heavy Duty Parts & Accessories for Commercial Pop Up Tents


  • Get Your Pop Up Tent Working in a Jiffy with Speedy Parts

    It’s an unfortunate but true statement: even the high quality commercial grade party tents we offer here at Tent and Table will eventually and inevitably take some form of damage, or succumb to the wear and tear of regular use. And even if you did take every precaution and treat your party tent with the utmost tender loving care, you can’t prevent parts from going missing. Even the most organized among us will experience that on occasion. It simply can’t be helped.

    The good news? You can help yourself instead to great deals on replacement parts for your pop up canopy tent! We have all of the replacement parts your pop up tent could ever need, including (but certainly not limited to) screws, caps, joints, cross bars, poles, and more.

    Looking to accessorize? Pick up some speedy tent LED lights to provide low-profile, visually stunning illumination to your pop up tent’s interior. Manage rain-drain with gutters. Or get yourself a special folding table specifically designed for use with our pop up tents.

    Tent and Table is staffed by genuine canopy tent experts who would love to help you find the exact pop up tent replacement parts and accessories you’re looking for. Give us a call at 1-888-291-4615 and let us know how we can help!