Heavy Duty Commercial Inflatable Parts

Heavy Duty Parts & Accessories for Commercial Inflatables


  • Inflatable Parts and Accessories for Sale

    It’d be a little weird of us to have inflatables for sale if we didn’t also offer the miscellaneous accessories and parts necessary for keeping them maintained and … well … inflated. But that’s precisely what we’re offering here.

    You’ll need these parts and accessories to keep your commercial inflatable bounce houses and other commercial grade inflatables in tip-top shape. We strongly recommend buying spare components for all of your rental equipment, so you can keep your inventory working with as little downtime as possible.

    We offer premium quality replacement parts, fasteners, plug covers, deflator plates and tubes, water hose guides, blower tube straps, exhaust vents, entrance zippers, zorb components, Halkey-Roberts inflation valves, and more. And all of these products are offered with a single goal in mind: keeping your event rentals or party rentals business up and running.

    Not sure what parts or accessories you need? Give us a call at 1-888-322-5606 and we’ll be happy to help you get the right parts at the right prices.