Weekender Pole Tent Canopies

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Weekender Pole Tent — A Party Tent Without the Hassle

Let’s face it: most event rentals companies are only really interested in buying heavy duty commercial outdoor canopy tents. But being dynamic is a major component in staying competitive in the party rental industry. And to that end, you may want to be able to handle some events with a bit more dexterity.

Enter the weekender pole tent, which bridges the divide between smaller pop up tents and heavy duty commercial ones. It’s a high quality professional tent, perfectly suited for festivals, parties, weddings, and other outdoor events. But our weekender line is designed to be easier to transport, set up, and tear down than our other commercial products

The weekender is a maneuverable canopy that weighs considerably less than our heavy commercial pole tents. They boast a tool-free design that makes setup a breeze. And unlike our bigger, heavier commercial tents, the weekender can be delivered by standard ground services, negating the need to schedule big, overly-complicated freight deliveries.

All of this agility means your weekender pole tent will meet the demands of commercial use, but can still be tossed in the back of your personal vehicle and taken out to serve as your mobile BBQ-HQ on a family camping trip.

What’s more, the weekenders are great for those shorter last-minute bookings where your customer needs a party tent quickly, but you don’t have enough time to go through the rigamarole of setting up a larger, heavier commercial canopy. You can rely on a weekender to get the job done safely, and get it done well.

Our weekenders are made from commercial grade materials, with sturdy and dependable frames. They’re waterproof and designed to resist mildew, mold, and fire. And they’re compatible with sidewalls, too, allowing you to expand your functionality immensely without increasing your frustration levels.

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