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Make Your Party Tent a Party House with Tent Sidewalls!

By itself, a high quality canopy tent will go a long way toward protecting attendees at outdoor events from the sun, wind, and rain. But when you really want to ensure your event tent is going the extra mile for protection—and when you want it to be extra pretty to look at, too—you should consider augmenting it with tent sidewalls.

Tent sidewalls (also known as tent side panels) are, well, exactly what you’re probably guessing: they’re walls that you can attach to the tent frame, complete with windows and a doorway, for added protection from the elements.

On a perfectly sunny day, tent sidewalls offer added UV protection and extra shade for event attendees. But when the weather really takes a turn, tent side panels transform simple pop up tents and other party tents into heavy duty wind and rain shelters, with each side wall taking the brunt of Mother Nature’s assault on the happy and dry event guests inside.

Tent sidewalls are a great addition to any party tent, regardless of the event they’re serving. Graduation or birthday parties, weddings, flea markets ... they’re useful all year long and in numerous applications. And with cathedral style windows and a variety of decorating options, tent sidewalls can make even the most extravagant high peak wedding tent into a greater work of art.

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  • Tent Sidewalls are the Ultimate Must-Have Party Tent Upgrade

    By itself, a party tent does a great job of protecting event guests and partygoers from the elements. Well, most of the elements, really. Rain and snow can render outer areas of a tent moot, especially when the wind picks up and blows their wetness inside. And even with a lockout tent top, harmful UV rays and oppressive heat can still work their way into the tent’s usable space. That’s where tent sidewalls earn their keep.

    Tent sidewalls aren’t mere tent accessories. They transform the entire aesthetic dynamic of your party tent while boundlessly expanding their functionality. Other tent accessories might be helpful. They might even be necessary. But no other accessory will so dramatically improve the curb appeal and core usability of your party tent. Not even close.

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