Can My Company Logo Be Printed on a Tent Top?

Can My Company Logo Be Printed on a Tent Top?

In today’s highly saturated and competitive advertising market, smart businesses find unique ways to market themselves and grab peoples’ attention. One fantastic way to do this is through using custom printing and making your logo highly visible. 

Why Tent Tops?

Party tents are ubiquitous at many large gatherings. From outdoor parties to graduations, county fairs to garden wedding receptions, there are so many uses for an outdoor tent. 

Owning a party tent is a brilliant business decision. You can create a comfortable outdoor space whenever you need to. But you don’t need to settle for a plain white tent. Instead, you can go for a custom-printed option that is cost-effective, durable, and highly visible.

Having a tent top logo is a great solution for many reasons. First, it’s entirely hands-off. There’s no advertising campaign or copy that needs to be sent out. Your logo makes a simple, effective statement on its own, and when it’s printed in bright, bold colors on a tent top, everyone will see it.

Another reason that tent tops are great for your company’s logo is because everybody at an event needs a tent. On a hot day, tents provide shade. They’re frequently used as landmarks at crowded events; a tent top logo will elevate your business above the crowd, literally! 

If your company sponsors any kind of community event, a branded tent will show everybody who you are. For example, if your company is handing out water at a 5k or other race, handing it out from your company-branded tent will make it easy for people to find you… and associate your business with the sponsorship benefits you provide!

And company-branded tents are great for smaller events, too. Even small company picnics need to set up a tent for the buffet line or drink distribution. Having a shady place to sit is always appreciated, especially on a hot, sunny day.

Where To Get A Custom Printed Tent Top

So, where can you get a tent top custom printed with your logo? At Tent and Table, we can print your company’s logo on most of our tent tops. Two of our most popular options are our 10 x 10 foot tent and our 20 x 40 foot tent. All of our tents are made from PVC vinyl that resists mold, moisture, and flame. They are 100% waterproof, so they’ll keep your guests comfortable even if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Contact us today about setting up a custom printed tent top for your business!

Artwork Requirements

Acceptable Files: Adobe Illustrator .ai /.eps/.pdf, Photoshop .psd, High Resolution (Raster) Image Files: jpgs / pngs / gifs / tiffs.

All raster artwork must be at a minimum 200 DPI at 100% Scale (300 DPI Recommended).

Unacceptable Artwork Files: InDesign, Corel Draw & Microsoft programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, low resolution raster images, psb, or files over 1GB in size.

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