Top Ten Party Tent Setup Accessories Every Pro Should Have

Top Ten Party Tent Setup Accessories Every Pro Should Have

Do You Own These Must-Have Party Tent Setup Accessories?

If you’ve ever participated in a party tent setup, you’re surely aware of how stressful an act it can be. Setting up a party tent is physically demanding. It requires the ability to carefully understand and follow instructions. And small mistakes can set back your schedule significantly or worse, cause damage to your tent.

A successful party tent setup involves getting it raised quickly and efficiently.  Doing that without anyone (or the tent itself) getting hurt in the process is important too. And thankfully, there are tools available that help your party tent setup go smoothly.

Let’s take a look at some critical, must-have party tent setup accessories. And if you’d like to learn more about any of these essential, must-have items, don’t hesitate to give our sales team a call at 1-716-832-8368 with any questions you may have.

Extra Tent Stakes

The event and party rental companies that haven’t misplaced, damaged, or broken tent stakes at some point likely haven’t been in business long enough to see it happen. That, or they’ve been really, really lucky. Either way, it goes without saying that everyone is going to lose a tent stake (or twelve) from time to time. Having more tent stakes on hand is never a bad idea.

Tent stakes come in all sorts of sizes, gauges, and styles, and we don’t want to go into every minute detail in this single article. But be sure to speak with your sales rep and find out exactly what sorts of tent stakes you need.

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Extra Sledgehammers

Sledgehammers are as synonymous with the event and party rental industry as the tents and commercial inflatables they help anchor to the ground. And while we strongly recommend using Thor tent stake drivers for the bulk of your work—more on those in a moment—it’s a given that every party rental company should maintain a collection of sledgehammers in their arsenal, and to ensure they’re in good order, too.

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Thor Tent Stake Drivers

Have you ever driven tent stakes into cold or hard ground? It’s not a pleasant experience. Swinging sledgehammers and driving rebar into frozen dirt or asphalt isn’t fun. It takes forever and you’re exhausted by the time you’re done.

Thor Tent Stake Drivers take all of the grunt work out of driving your tent stakes into the ground. In nice conditions, it means you’re saving yourself from unfathomable physical labor. And in non-ideal conditions, these tent stake drivers are an absolute godsend. 

You should always keep some sledgehammers handy, of course. But these days, every event and party rental professional should have access to a Thor Tent Stake Driver. They knock party tent setup time down significantly. They keep you and your crew from enduring sore, exhausted arms. That they’re also really affordable is almost an afterthought.

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Stake Extractors

Thor Tent Stake Drivers are great for getting tent stakes into the ground, but getting them back out of the ground can be a real pain. Unless you enlist the help of a commercial grade stake extractor, that is.

Stake extractors are relatively inexpensive and allow you to yank tent stakes out of the ground quickly, with minimal physical exertion. They’re capable of applying around 1,600 pounds of pulling force to the stake, removing them from the ground with just a few pumps of a bar. If the ability to rapidly take down and pack up your party tent interests you, JackJaw stake extractors are a definite must-have item.

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Tent Jacks

Putting together and raising a frame tent can be a serious pain, but figuratively and, if you make a costly mistake, literally. Frame tent tops are heavy and difficult to raise. You need to have several people lift them off the ground while other members of your crew attach the legs. It can be a frustrating process, for sure.

Eliminating most of these headaches (and muscle aches) is as simple as utilizing tent jacks during party tent setup. Simply attach the tent jacks to your frame tent top and use them to lift the tent top and hold it up while someone attaches the legs. And when it’s time to take the frame tent back down, your tent jacks can hold the tent up while you take the tent poles back down.

Using tent jacks, it’s entirely possible for just one or two experienced people to assemble, raise, and strike a large frame tent in a reasonably short amount of time, and with minimal physical duress. If your event and party rental company is using frame tents, consider tent jacks a must-have item.

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To list off every use of commercial grade tarps in this article would be overkill, and most of you reading this are already well aware of how useful they are. From storing your tents to cleaning them to getting them set up, tarps are a critical element of any event or party rental professional’s daily routine. If you own a party tent, chances are you already own a few tarps. But if you’re just getting started in this industry, it’s a good idea to invest in some and ask your sales rep for advice.

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Hand Trucks and Dollies

By itself, a 20 x 20 frame tent weighs 370 pounds. That’s a lot. And it’s cumbersome weight, too; the tent poles are easy enough to move around, but the tent top? That’s a whole other story. We can’t begin to tell you the horror stories we’ve heard over the years of people overextending themselves and getting injured trying to move big heavy party tents around.

Hand trucks and dollies allow you to transport these heavy, bulky party tents easily and safely. Most of them work as well on grass as they do on hard surfaces, like asphalt or concrete. And since they’re commercial grade, they can handle hauling the biggest and heaviest party tents, as well as commercial inflatables like bounce houses and inflatable water slides.

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Ratchet Straps

Apart from tarps, ratchet straps are perhaps the most versatile piece of equipment presented in this list. Not only do they make party tent setup a breeze, but you can use them in countless other applications as well. Ratchet straps can keep your party tents and commercial inflatables secure in your truck. They can be used when storing your equipment, keeping groups of items together. Keeping a collection of ratchet straps on hand is never a bad idea … you’ll always find creative uses for them!

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Pole Horses

Raising the center poles of pole tents can be a difficult job. It’s hard getting a good grip and solid leverage on a center pole, especially under larger pole tents. A pole horse helps your crew lift the center pole into position once you’ve got the pole pin inserted into the canopy’s grommet hole.

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Tent Repair Kits

All party tents—even the high quality commercial grade canopy tents we sell here at Tent and Table—are susceptible to damage, wear, and tear. Sure, our tents will probably outlast those of our competitors (wink-wink, nudge-nudge). But accidents can and will happen, and your event and party rental company should be ready when they do.

With just a little bit of practice, party tent repair kits are easy to use and can save you a fortune. Repairing party tents (and patching your commercial inflatables) is a skillset every event and party rental professional should establish on their resume. These low cost repair kits are a heck of a lot cheaper than shipping your party tent off to a third party for repairs or worse, having to replace the canopy entirely.

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Party Tent Setup Accessories Help You Do the Job Smarter, Not Harder

The value of party tent setup accessories is frankly indisputable. They reduce physical stress and prevent physical injuries. They greatly reduce the risk of mistakes and accidents that could otherwise be costly in any number of ways. And they save you a great deal of time, money, and frustration, too. The question isn’t whether you should invest in them … it’s why you wouldn’t want to.

From expanding your equipment list with replacement tent stakes to raising a full frame tent off the ground with a commercial grade tent jack, party tent setup accessories are must-have items your event and party rental company shouldn’t need to operate without. Investing in this equipment allows you to work smarter, rather than harder. And that means you’re saving time and money that could be better spent improving your business in other ways.

Give Tent and Table a call today at 1-716-832-8368 and let our sales team help you find the party tent setup accessories you need to make your crew work more safely and efficiently. We’ll go over your current equipment inventory with you and help you find the perfect gear for enhanced productivity. And don’t forget to ask us about our financing options and our weekly sales, too!

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