TnT Buying Guide: Creating a Mobile Inflatable Water Park!

TnT Buying Guide: Creating a Mobile Inflatable Water Park!

Goodbye Shark Week, Hello Inflatable Water Park!

The tropical marble water slide and slip n' slide comboSadly, Shark Week will soon be coming to an end, and with it all of the fun TV tropes, nonsensically fishy memes, and savage shark attack videos. The most painful loss of them all, though? The end of TnT's Shark Week sale on commercial inflatable water slides!

The good news? Shark Week's closure doesn't mark the end of summer. And given how most of us had a late start to our summers, that's a very welcome statement indeed. In a way, Shark Week coming to an end simply marks another fantastic leg of fun in the sun, and with more than a month until school starts, we can safely bet kids will want to spend as much of that time in the sun—or using inflatable water slides to beat the heat—as possible.

Depending on where you live, there's still a lot of hot days ahead of us. And that means there's plenty of time to make a splash with commercial grade wet inflatables and summer-themed games. It's never too early to get a running start on next summer, either!

The Mobile Inflatable Water Park

A commercial bounce house may include water featuresWith our offices bustling this past week with Shark Week stuff, I got to thinking: what if someone wanted to create their very own mobile inflatable water park? What would they need? And do we have the products to facilitate such a thing?

The first question—what they'd need—involves some logistics. They'd need a big selection of aquatic and tropical themed inflatables and games, plus all of the "fixin's" for setup and tear-downtarps, mats, stakes, sandbags, straps, hand trucks, etc. They'd need enough staff to facilitate maintaining the equipment, plus loading in, setting up, tearing down, and loading out. And they'd need one or more vehicles large enough to handle all of this gear, too. But that sums up the checklist of necessary equipment.

The second question—do we have the products to make an inflatable water park—is answered with a resounding yes. So why not throw together some of those products to create an awesome inflatable water park? A land of sea creatures, pirates, tropical hideaways, and more? And that's what I'm going to do here. So let's explore this exciting list and see what fun we can conjure up, shall we?

Deluxe Pirate Ship Bounce House

Okay, I'm not going to lie ... this is my favorite TnT product, period. And how could it not be? A huge inflatable pirate ship would serve as the perfect central anchor point (no pun intended) for your aquatic theme park and would be one of the most visited play areas not directly involving water play.
[product ids="2433"]

Swashbucklers Interactive Carnival Frame Game

Want a fun game with easy setup that can go right beside your deluxe pirate ship? The Swashbucklers Interactive Carnival Frame Game is easy to play and fun for kids of all ages. Simply whack the launcher with the included mallet to launch a cannonball toward a heavy duty canvas backdrop, landing it inside a net. This sealed game includes a wheeled carrying case, too!

[product ids="6026"]

Under the Sea Play Land Bounce House

Another dry play area, the Under the Sea Play Land inflatable bounce house would serve as another attraction for kids to get their imaginations fired up before they make their way toward the wetter rides and slides on our list. With all of its inflatable creatures and its high blue walls, the Sea World Play Land allows kids to become Jacques Cousteau ... a reference that sadly makes me feel old somehow.

[product ids="2434"]

Mega Tropical Water Slide Bounce House Combo

It's finally time to bridge the divide between dry and wet attractions for your inflatable amusement park. the Mega Tropical Water Slide Bounce House Combo provides a fun, shaded bounce area coupled with a big water slide, all laid out in a design accented with palm trees that makes it feel like a private tropical island.

[product ids="2112"]

Blue Marble Inflatable Water Slide and Slip n' Slide Combo

We're including not one, not two, but three massive water slide behemoths on our list, the first of which is this Blue Marble Inflatable Water Slide and Slip n' Slide Combo. It includes a massive 22 foot high dual lane water slide, and attaches to a 35 foot long slip n' slide with commercial grade misting features.

[product ids="6005"]

Tropical Marble Water Slide/ Slip n' Slide Combo

The next huge water slide and slip n' slide combo on our list is the Tropical Marble Dual Lane Inflatable Water Slide & Slip n' slide Combo, Shown up near the start of this article. It combines a 22 foot high 30 foot long inflatable water slide with a fun, palm tree adorned slip n' slide.

[product ids="4935"]

Wild Rapids Inflatable Water Slide

And now for our big finale! another of my personal favorite TnT products, the impressive Wild Rapids Inflatable Water Slide is astronomically huge—21' high, 11' wide, and a whopping 42' long—and one of the most aesthetically impressive products we have outright, at least so far as rides and slides are concerned. What better way to beat the heat than hurling through some whitewater?

[product ids="3024"]

A Zorb Ball Centerpiece

Tying it all together, a round pool with two PVC zorb balls will provide some competitive fun in the center of your inflatable backyard water park. Visitors can enjoy a little water zorbing time before or after experiencing all of your other exciting inflatables. It's virtually challenging to not have fun in these!

[product ids="5077"]

Fun Frame Games for your Mobile Inflatable Water Park!

A tropical themed inflatable water slide is perfect dry and wet combo bouncer for your inflatable water parkAfter a few hours of bouncing, slipping, sliding, and dunking, your young inflatable water park visitors are going to want to take an occasional break. And having some fun indoor and outdoor games scattered around is a great way to keep them entertained and engaged. A few of the games I'd suggest for this water-themed mobile inflatable water park include:

[product ids="4741,6036,5738"]

[product ids="5670,6014"]

An Incredible Inflatable Water Park Adventure Awaits!

The idea of building an inflatable water park might seem pretty lofty. But don't think of this as a how-to guide, so much as a dream board; these are ideas to get the ball rolling, and not so much a tutorial or a definitive list of must-haves.

Whether you're loading this equipment up in vehicles and traveling town to town, or supplementing lazy rivers or splash pads, or if you want to add some outdoor attractions to your Family Entertainment Center or indoor waterpark, this list should provide you with some great ideas to add a little splash of summer fun to your venue or party rentals company.

And hey, if you do decide to go ahead and build an inflatable water park, please let us know. Send us the photos on social media too, if you would be so kind. We'd love to see your creations!

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