Safer Holiday Parties & Outdoor Setups

Safer Holiday Parties & Outdoor Setups

A Guide to Enjoying the Holidays Outside

We’ve Got You Covered: Outdoor Setups for Safer Holiday Parties

In the age of social distancing and staying outside for larger events, party rental equipment has only become more essential as time goes on. Fortunately, for those of us with large families that like to gather around the holidays, there’s a way to safely enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and Christmas party outside. At Tent and Table, we can provide you with the ultimate and complete outdoor setup. We even have bar-top risers for additional space so you can serve more food and keep the drinks flowing. We are your one-stop location for all your event needs ­– there is a huge selection of tables, tents, chairs and more. Plus, we make it easy for our customers to bundle their orders with low shipping rates and fast delivery.

Dependable, Versatile Tables

Look no further than the Rectangle Wood Folding Banquet Table, 72''. Even better, this versatile folding table can be enhanced using our 6-Foot Bar-Top Riser to instantly transform it into a temporary bar-top that your beer-drinking uncle will love. Especially if you’re going for an elegant ambiance, we recommend using a tablecloth to cover the bolts that are visible from the tabletop’s surface. The legs are positive-locking, which means that wiggling and vibrating will not loosen the locking mechanism while in use. That means your meal preparation should be safe from the stampede of hungry holiday party guests.

Great for Gathering Around Outside

Our high-quality 60” Round Wood Folding Tables are a popular choice for rental and catering businesses for a reason. Perfect for seeing your loved ones face-to-face as you feast on some piping-hot mashed potatoes. These heavy-duty folding tables are crafted with high-precision from 0.75-inch-thick birch wood, so you can rest assured knowing you made a solid choice for spending holidays outside. Weather in the wintertime can be brutal, but luckily the table’s aluminum edging has been crimped to the tabletop without the use of adhesives. This not only provides a beautiful finish to impress the bevy of guests, but reduces the chances of moisture penetrating into the wood. Plastic glides have been pressed into the leg ends to prevent scuffing and marring of your floor surfaces as you transfer the tables outside. Also, the hinged diagonal brace on the legs allows the tables to fold flat for stackable, space-saving storage and easier lugging around.

Can’t Forget Cocktail Tables

With all the disagreements about politics that inevitably take place, you’re going to need some cocktails – and a proper place to put them. The 30" Round Cocktail/Bistro Table comes with a 30-inch sitting level leg and a 42-inch standing level leg, so you can adjust it as your family sees fit. These tables can be easily broken down into individual pieces, making for efficient, stackable space-saving storage and easy transport as you’re setting them up all around your backyard. Fortunately for many of us, these commercial-quality cocktail tables are meant to stand up to the abuse of constant setup and tear down. Not only is this cocktail bistro table durable enough for the everyday rigors of life, but it can be utilized when you need decor, an accent table or you just need the extra space for your crazy family’s Christmas party.

Finding the Right Folding Chairs

You’ll need to have plenty of seating for all of your guests to dine and discuss, “So what’s new with you?” as they catch up during that special time of the year. Every family is different, so we provide a variety of folding chairs that will all do the job. You may have noticed at some point that Black Plastic Folding Chairs are the standard choice for many locations, from banquet halls to graduations. It makes sense: made from high-impact plastic, they have a lightweight, versatile design that’s easy to transport and easy to clean. You may be thinking: “Well, what about the kids’ table?” Our Kids Blue Plastic Folding Chairs are constructed from durable, polypropylene plastic that has been built specifically with young children in mind, proving a strong, safe and comfortable seating option. If you're looking for a fancier alternative to traditional folding chairs, then our White Resin Folding Chairs are the perfect solution for your outdoor holiday party.

Planning Your Outdoor Holiday Party

Of course, renting or buying the folding chairs isn’t going to be enough to plan a holiday party. You’re going to need food, snacks, drinks, decorations and something to keep the kids occupied while the parents catch up with each other. Perhaps most importantly of all, you cannot forget to prepare a playlist of upbeat Christmas songs to enjoy! We suggest Mariah Carey’s “Merry Christmas” album.

We support any event’s endeavors with both easy set-up and durable structure. We commit to quality products, expertise and customer service to make your life easier. We know it can be challenging to organize a party with a large number of people to consider. This holiday season, you can create a fun Christmas party the kids in your family will enjoy, while still having an appropriate setup on display. Still having trouble deciding on the right party equipment? Give us a ring today at 1-716-832-8368 and we’ll gladly help you find the perfect outdoor setup for your Thanksgiving meal or other holiday celebration!

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