How Much do Bounce Houses Weigh, on Average?

How Much do Bounce Houses Weigh, on Average?

How Much do Bounce Houses Weigh, on Average?

A commercial bounce house is pretty big. Some are in excess of 20 feet long, wide, and/or tall. And that’s a whole lot of commercial grade heavy duty vinyl. So just how much do bounce houses weigh? Can a single person move them around and set them up safely?

The answer here depends largely on the actual size of the bounce house. It goes without saying that bounce house weight increases in lock step with size, but as a general rule, most bounce houses weigh between 200 and 400 pounds. Some are lighter or heavier of course, but most will fall into that broad range.

A 12’ x 8’ x 8’ bounce house weighs 129 lbs., while a 10’ x 10’ x 10’ bounce house weighs about 162 lbs. Meanwhile, a huge 22’ x 22’ x 18’ bounce house weighs 435 lbs. That contrast showcases just how much a bounce house weighs on average.

What about bounce house slide combo units? Those tend to be much heavier than traditional bounce houses, but they’re also typically larger than most bounce houses as well. A 21.5’ x 15.5’ x 13.5’ bounce house slide combo weighs 283 lbs, while a 19’ x 15’ x 14’ combo weighs 415’. Bounce house water slide combos are roughly the same, too; a 26’ x 13’ x 14.5’ unit weighs around 302 lbs.

Bounce Houses Weigh Too Much to Handle By Yourself

It needs to be said that attempting to move commercial bounce houses around by yourself is not a good idea. Each unit weighs as much as one to three people combined. As such, we very strongly recommend you get help moving and setting up bounce houses.

There are tools that can help you get the bounce house from point A to point B, too. Hand trucks firmly belong in the "essential equipment" category of any event rental or party rental business. They prevent hassle, save time, and most importantly, they can save your back muscles.

Now that you know how much bounce houses weigh, we hope you’ll consider picking up one or two hand trucks and getting some help moving bounce houses. It’s not just good for your business. It’s good for your personal health, too. And you’ll find quickly that in business, those two concepts work hand in hand.

The question shouldn't be "how much do bounce houses weigh," but rather, "how problematic would things be if I hurt myself trying to move this bounce house on my own?" Commercial inflatables may be a real investment, but they'll never hold as much value as your physical health. So please folks, be careful.

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