Five Reasons a High Peak Tent is Perfect for Weddings

Five Reasons a High Peak Tent is Perfect for Weddings

Wedding Tent Season is Upon Us

A high peak tent is a perfect wedding tent, and not just because of their charming aesthetics. Let’s examine high peak tents and discover why they’re inarguably the best weddings tents money can buy.

A happy couple enjoying their high peak tentWith spring just around the corner, a number of party rental businesses, as well as party and wedding planners, are surely bracing for the upcoming wedding rental season. While late summer and early fall is traditionally the busiest wedding season, wedding tent rentals really begin to move in spring and early summer. And that means now is the best time to start looking for wedding tents.

An ideal wedding tent should look brilliant. It should be versatile, easy to set up, and spacious. And if all of that sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’re already acquainted with the beautiful high peak tents here at Tent and Table!

Okay, marketing-tuned humble brags aside, why is a high peak tent perfect for weddings? There’s not just one reason here, but five. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Five Reasons a High Peak Tent is the Best Wedding Tent

Reason #1: They’re stunningly beautiful

Weddings are lavish affairs. We want a wedding to be memorable, and that means our wedding tents can’t just impress wedding planners. They need to stun wedding guests. So a traditional frame tent? It’s just not going to cut it. Not for your primary feature tents, anyway.

Pole tents boast beautiful, traditional styling. But as we’ll be discussing here shortly, pole tents come with a lengthy list of cons that make them difficult to set up at a wedding. And that’s what makes a high peak tent so perfect in the role of a wedding tent. It’s gorgeous like a pole tent, but highly functional like a frame tent as well.

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Reason #2: More Internal Space

Pole tents require the use of center poles. They’re vital not only to the aesthetics of the tent, but to the tent’s structural integrity. High peak tents don’t have center poles. Instead, they use a center mast elevated above the ground on tension cables. This gives them their high peak look, while the interior area is free for more tables, decor, or dance floor space.

Reason #3: More External Space

As many of you reading this are aware, setting up a pole tent involves pulling their tent poles upright and their canopy taut through tension applied by ropes and stakes in the ground. Those ropes and stakes keep the tent stable—pole tents can usually put up with more abuse than frame tents or high peak tents—but they also gobble up a lot of valuable real estate all around the tent. High peak tents have a much smaller footprint; they don’t use up that same amount of space or create trip hazards.

Reason #4: Fairly Easy to Set Up

Any party tent is easier to set up with a big team of guys helping you out. But a high peak tent can be set up with just two people, if you’re using tent jacks that is. An ideal wedding tent should offer a lot of versatility, and their ease of use certainly makes high peak tents impressively versatile. And speaking of versatility ...

Reason #5: You Can Set Them Up Nearly Anywhere


Like their frame tent siblings, high peak frame tents can be set up on just about any surface. And given how modern weddings have been shifting more and more toward originality in recent years above traditionalism, the ability to set up a wedding tent almost anywhere is pretty appealing.

High peak tents can be staked into the ground … even cold or hard ground when coupled with Thor Tent Stake Drivers. But why punch through blacktop and plug the asphalt later when you can simply anchor your wedding tent with weights? High peak tents don’t require stakes or ropes. You can anchor them with water barrels, bags of sand, etc. And that means you can set up your high peak tent practically anywhere, from a sandy beach to the finely polished hardwood flooring of a school gymnasium, all without driving a single stake.

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Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Tent

High peak tents fit the role of wedding tent flawlessly. But their versatility helps them impress at any other type of function you’re organizing. Graduations, retirement parties, birthdays, baby showers, church functions, you name it.

Ready to add a beautiful high peak tent to your rental arsenal? Give our sales team a call today at 1-716-832-8368 and let us help you make your next wedding tent booking all the more perfect!

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