Bouncing Our Way to IAAPA Expo 2021

Bouncing Our Way to IAAPA Expo 2021

Start packing your bags and grab those plane tickets because Tent and Table is heading off to the 2021 IAAPA Expo convention and wants you to be there! Join us on this journey to sunny Orlando, Florida as we take you through the top six things to experience at IAAPA. 

IAAPA Expo is welcoming attendees in-person after taking a hiatus last year. On April 12, 2021, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) announced in a press release the return of IAAPA Global Expos, IAAPA Expo Asia 2021, IAAPA Expo Europe 2021, and IAAPA Expo 2021. IAAPA Expo 2021 will return to the Orange County Convention Center November 15-19th. According to IAAPA's website, the organization was founded in 1918 and is "the largest international trade association for permanently situated amusement facilities worldwide."

1. Attractions Belong in Sunny Orlando

IAAPA show

Ah, Orlando. Some people call it a city that holds magic and adventure, while others call it the most humid place on earth. Florida is primarily known for its orange groves, overgrown palm trees, and crocodile-filled marshlands. Orlando welcomes millions of tourists to the area each year. Families from all over the world travel to Orlando to visit iconic amusement parks and entertainment attractions. 

Leaders in the entertainment, amusement, and party rentals industries know Orlando as the most profitable attraction capital of the world. That is one huge reason why IAAPA hosts its expos in the city. If you live in a cold-weather city or state where it starts to snow in mid-November, you should purchase that plane ticket and head on down to Florida for a private getaway for two - you and Tent and Table! 

2. Back on the Road Again!

Tent and Table's Back On The Road Again Campaign

Tent and Table is ecstatic to be back in person at IAAPA Expo 2021. It is exciting to travel again to close out our 2021 season. When the IAAPA Expo got canceled in 2020 due to COVID, Tent and Table brought you the IAAPA 2020 Virtual Trade Show. Our virtual show had live educational sessions with industry experts, product showcases, networking sessions, and great deals. However, it still was not the same as being in person at a booth, and our staff missed seeing all of you!

Over 42,000 attendees and guests have attended IAAPA Expos in years past. This year Tent and Table will have two booths set up. Booth #5174 is in the Inflatable Pavillion section on the OCCC convention floor, and booth #8430 is outside the North Exhibit Hall B doors on the right-side of the overflow parking lot. Our incredible sales representatives and staff will be on hand presenting top-of-the-line products for you to purchase.  

3. F R E E That Spells Giveaways and T-Shirts for Free

Promotional T-Shirt by Tent and TableAs mentioned, the IAAPA Expo is one of the largest trade shows in the attractions industry. Over 6,000 registered companies and vendors will be at the IAAPA Expo showcasing new products and innovative ideas. Trade shows are tons of fun because of all the free promotional items and goodies you get to take home. If you have ever visited a trade show, you were probably attracted to a company's promotional booth to snag a free flashy t-shirt, portable charger, tumbler cup, or hat! 

Some companies may also have daily raffles and giveaways on exclusive products. If you plan on attending the IAAPA Expo, make sure you stop by the Tent and Table booths for your chance at one of these daily giveaways. For those of you “joining” us at IAAPA from home, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a virtual giveaway during the show. 

4. Did You Say Special Deals?

One reason why many companies exhibit at IAAPA Expos is to showcase exciting products and deals. Everyone loves finding those sweet bargains on products that leave more cash in your wallets. We guarantee that you can find exciting sales on select Tent and Table products at IAAPA. Tent and Table’s featured products include our 12-foot Fire Marble Water Slide, 15-foot Tropical Marble Water Slide, and heavy-duty West Coast Frame Tents

Our team is hard at work packing and pricing our other popular inventory products such as inflatables, party tents, tables and chairs sets, carts and dollies, Zoom Blowers, and so much more. These show specials will be accessible both in-person at IAAPA and online for the duration of the show.

5. Going Back to School for a Day or Two

Finding opportunities for continuous learning can help set your business up for success. At IAAPA Expo 2021, you will have the chance to go back to school to learn about exciting things to help grow your rental company, even if it is just for a few days. IAAPA Expos have general education sessions presented by industry leaders. These sessions will discuss facility operations, financial management, information technology, marketing, security, and human resources. 

There are also EDUTours from Central Florida Attractions like SeaWorld Orlando, Gatorland, and Aquatica Orlando. EDUTours gives attendees behind-the-scenes tours and presentations on how these central Florida facilities create experiences for guests and share tips that they have learned. 

6. Networking Can Help Your Net Worth

Tent and Table's IAAPA Tradeshow deals

So many rental professionals attend IAAPA because of the endless things to experience there. All sorts of companies in the attraction, entertainment, and event rental industries attend trade shows, not just to show off products but to expand their network of connections. IAAPA hosts numerous events held by industry leaders such as Disney Parks, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, and many more. 

For those who have never been to IAAPA, there is the First Time Buyers' Experience that newcomers can attend for information regarding the show. Join other professionals in the industry at the Operators' Round Table Lunch where ideas are shared and new connections are established. There are even workshops to learn about marketing and insights on the latest trends in their industry. 

There are many things you will experience at IAAPA this year. Follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for all things IAAPA Expo and Tent and Table news. 

We cannot wait to see all of you at the show!

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