What Are the Best Quality Event Tables for Sale?

What Are the Best Quality Event Tables for Sale?

If you’re looking for the best quality tables for your party, look no further than Tent and Table. We offer a diverse line of folding tables designed for the party and event rental industry, and our selection comes in a variety of shapes and sizes perfect for all sorts of settings.

What makes our tables so great? We’ve put together a few reasons as to why our stock stands out from the crowd. 

The materials they’re made of

Folding table by Tent and Table

Our tables are made from 100% Baltic birch plywood, which not many manufacturers can say. In most cases, event tables are made from luan plywood, which is lightweight and lower quality. The reason it’s of lower quality is because it’s not pure wood - it contains resins and other additives that fill the unstable core of the luan plywood. Because of these fillers, luan plywood is soft and warps easily. 

Atop luan tables, there is also a thin layer of laminate to hide the imperfections that can be found on the base layer. 

The traits of Baltic birch plywood

Unlike luan plywood, which is most commonly used in the hobby industry, Baltic birch plywood can often be found in the home improvement and furniture market. Why is it there? Because it’s strong and durable, and those types of projects call for a quality material. 

Baltic birch plywood is also weatherproof. It will never warp, and its layers do not require any type of fillers because they are free from imperfections. 

Where the materials come from

Our Baltic birch plywood comes from California Air Resources Board (CARB) certified mills. We only use wood that is free of formaldehyde resins and that is compliant with the 2009 CARB laws surrounding wood and timber products. The same cannot be said for many luan products that use formaldehyde resin fillers. 

The fact that our tables follow these CARB laws combined with our lead free powder coating process lets our customers know that our products aren’t just the most durable, but they’re also the safest to use. 

The Tent and Table Difference


As we’ve already gone over, Tent and Table never uses luan plywood. The reason behind this has everything to do with their quality - and how it doesn’t live up to our standards. 

If you knock on a table made of luan plywood, you’ll notice one thing right away - that hollow sound. That is thanks to all the fillers that luan contains, and because of those fillers, it does not qualify as a solid wood material. 

But, on the other hand, if you knock on Tent and Table’s Baltic birch plywood, you’ll notice that it sounds solid - because it is! 

The Weight and Quality

While our Baltic birch plywood is a bit heavier of a material (52 pounds for a 5-foot table and 62 pounds for a 6-foot table), this weight proves its quality and will benefit you in the long run. 

We understand if you’re tempted to use something lighter, because we’ve been there. At one point, years and years ago, we attempted to add plastic tables to our rental fleet - only to regret that decision. Not only does plastic get dirty quickly, it also has the propensity to melt. The weak legs also may potentially give way under any small amount of wear and tear. 

The legs on our Baltic birch plywood tables prove different. They are heavy-duty wishbone legs, one inch in diameter and 15-gauge steel. They are weighty, powder coated, and lead-free. You can rest assured that a little wear and tear is nothing to them. 

Banquet buffet

Table Finishes and Cleaning

You’ll notice that the finishes on our tables are especially beautiful, and that’s because we apply two coats of UV poly to the top and one coat to the bottom. This process takes things one step further in providing a good-looking table that lasts. 

Cleaning our Baltic birch plywood tables is also extremely easy. All they need is a simple wipe-down! Because they look so good, they don’t even need linen on top. They have a finished aluminum trim that ties the whole aesthetic together, which is much preferred over the PVC trim that luan plywood tables have - PVC trim that is known for peeling over time. 

More Table Details

Along with your table, you’ll probably want a moving table cart and, of course - chairs. At Tent and Table, we can bundle all of those items with your table purchase and save you the most money on freight. Our shipping time is also incredibly fast, with a 24-48 hour turnaround.

The reason it’s so fast? We keep 99% of our products in-warehouse, which is how we can get them to you so quickly. Tent and Table is your one-stop shop for everything that you need to build your rental fleet. 

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