Tips for Marketing Your Party Rental Company in the Off Season

Tips for Marketing Your Party Rental Company in the Off Season

As fall and winter draw near, the party rental season begins to slow down. Whether you’re an old pro or just getting started, the off-season can be disheartening and even intimidating. 

Marketing for party rental companies is a year-round endeavor. While you may get the most business when it’s warm outside, there is still plenty to do in the leadup to those months. 

Getting ready for the busy time of year is all about promoting your event rental business in the off-season, and this article will tell you how to do just that. 

Get Ready for Next Season

There are tons of ways to prepare your company for the upcoming busy season, and doing so is one of the most helpful marketing tips for event pros. 

To begin, while you have the time, do a few styled photoshoots - these are some of the best marketing tactics. Images are powerful, and they are especially noteworthy when used within the party rental business. 

Participating in styled photoshoots allows you to show off your inventory in a way that is more appealing and enticing to customers. You also may gain access to audiences you were never privy to before, audiences of companies included in your photoshoots, like the audiences of catering services or entertainment companies. Cross-promoting will be great for everyone involved! 

Another way to prepare for next season is by gathering and sharing customer feedback. Social media was made for this; by posting polls or questions, you can open the floor for your customers to provide feedback that you can use for marketing in the future. The power that word of mouth holds cannot be overstated, as good reviews from real customers add credibility to your brand and make you look more trustworthy. 

And if you come across negative feedback, don’t shy away. Instead, show the public that you can handle criticism and fix pertinent issues by responding in a polite and respectful way. 

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Write Blog Posts

Targeted blog posts are more important than ever in the marketing sphere. ‘Targeted’ means adding keywords that help search engines lead an ideal customer to your website. To help this process, create a blog post with photos of a specific event that your party rental company worked on - making sure you have the permission of the host and photographer, of course - and share what you liked about the event design. Don’t forget to share what your rental company added to the event, and how you can include the same benefits to other events like it. 

Including keywords is key - to be specific, relevant keywords. For example, if the color scheme of the event was pink and white, you should use those words in your blog post. Add the city and the venue, so if clients are looking for inspiration for their own event, they’ll see what you’re able to do and then find themselves at your blog. 

Make sure your ‘Contact Us’ button is easy to find, so when those prospective customers are browsing, they know how to get in touch with you. 

Engage and Share

If your party rental company is located in a tourist-laden area, there might not be many still around in the off-season. But there is one group of people who never leave, and that group is the locals. 

The off-season is a great time to cater to those locals, offering discounts and sales that they don’t see during the busy time of year. You can collaborate with other small business owners in the area to exchange ideas and build connections that foster a sense of community. 

Partnering with other local businesses for fundraisers or charity events is never a bad idea, either. 

Another way that you can garner attention from locals and tourists alike is by regularly updating your social media channels. And not just with sales and constant business talk. Your audience wants to know that there are real people behind the screen, so when you populate your social media with real-life updates, it puts a face to the business entity. 

You can also show behind-the-scenes developments, maintenance processes, or interviews with the owners. This type of relatable content helps your customers feel closer to you all throughout the year. 

Gathering and family luch

Amp Up Excitement

The way to make sure business is still booming once it gets warm is by keeping excitement levels up. You can promote updates, early-bird specials, discounts, giveaways, or show off new inventory to garner engagement and keep you at the forefront of your customers’ minds. 

Staying Relevant in the Off Season

Just because business is slower doesn’t mean it has to come to a complete halt. Utilize these tips to make sure your party rental company continues moving forward during the fall and winter. 

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