Tent and Table to Exhibit at Three Major Upcoming Trade Shows

Tent and Table to Exhibit at Three Major Upcoming Trade Shows

2023 is an exciting year for Tent and Table! We’re extremely proud to announce that, this year, we’ll be exhibiting at three special event tradeshows - one in February and two in March. 

Keep reading to learn more about what each show has to offer!

The ARA Show

When: February 11-15

Where: Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL

The ARA Show is run by the American Rental Association. It’s their annual event rental tradeshow that gives attendees and exhibitors the chance to learn, network, buy, and sell. 

It’s been up and running for 66 years, and it is now the world’s largest equipment and event rental tradeshow! 

This tradeshow is for members only, as it connects members to thousands of prospects all gathered under one roof. That’s not all, though - this tradeshow is a great opportunity to grow your business in a number of other ways.

You can:

  • Find Leads
    • Since this tradeshow is a ‘members only’ event, only those who are involved in the equipment and event rental industry are able to attend. There will be hundreds of prospects in one place and hundreds of leads.
  • Purchase Equipment
    • For many, the main reason they attend the ARA Show is to purchase equipment. Tent and Table looks forward to connecting with customers face-to-face; we hope you’re coming to see us prepared with a shopping list and the need to place orders.
  • Be Seen
    • There’s no better place than a tradeshow to get the name of your rental company out there. We’re excited to see both familiar and new faces! 

The ARA Show is the place to learn, network, and experience. There, we’re excited to see manufacturers, suppliers, and other party rental companies - all of us focusing on the future of our businesses while in Orlando.

Do it Best Spring 2023 Market

When: March 11-13

Where: Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL

The Do it Best Spring 2023 Market is an event rental tradeshow that offers members and prospects amazing buying and educational opportunities. They offer the Sneak Peek display and Core Solution display, two very popular attractions, and will show off an update to the lumber and building materials market. 

2023 is the first year that the co-op’s buying market is being held outside Indiana, which is a very exciting first! 

We’re looking forward to attending the Do it Best Spring 2023 Market because they’re focusing on bringing in-person and online audiences together. They’ve always been good at thinking outside the box, but we’re especially impressed at how they drew in the best of both worlds from each audience.

Every party rental tradeshow values the concept of human connection, but there’s something about the Do it Best Spring 2023 Market that places just a bit more emphasis on it. They’ve always encouraged people to keep things fresh in order to excite customers, and now they’re putting their words into action by doing the same thing themselves. They’re keeping things exciting by taking their show on the road - starting off first in Orlando, where we’ll get to see them! 

They’ve totally re-envisioned their program; it’s now geared towards facilitating product purchasing, member networking, and engagement. They’re keeping both elements of the tradeshow - the online component and the in-person component - and combining them to create an event like no one’s ever seen. 

We’ll most definitely be taking part in some sessions to add fuel to our selling engines, and we plan on participating in networking and social events in order to get geared up for the approaching spring season.

Catersource + The Special Event Conference & Tradeshow

When: March 27-30

Where: Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL

Catersource + The Special Event Conference & Tradeshow has often been called the most impactful industry gathering of the year - and if that title doesn’t get you curious about what goes on here, we’re not sure what will. 

This event is open to the public and it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time meeting people within the event rental industry, creating lasting relationships, and pulling ahead of the competition in major ways. 

Most people who attend this tradeshow are serious buyers looking for the products and solutions that their businesses need in order to succeed. 

Everything about this special event tradeshow is centered around seeing trends and setting your own. It’s the only event set up this way, highlighting people and their ideas and innovations that shape the catering and events industry. This is an event that Tent and Table couldn’t miss. 

There are plenty of reasons to attend Catersource + The Special Event, but here are some of our favorites: 

  • Valuable Educational Opportunities 
    • This event has been known to attract some of the best speakers in the industry; we couldn’t pass it up. While you’re there, you can earn continuing education credits in over 150 sessions that include catering, design, wedding, business development, sustainability, and health and safety. 
  • Genuine Connections Made
    • The party rental industry knows that relationships are the key to success. This event provides a useful opportunity to network with peers and meet industry leaders to share ideas and solutions. 
  • Outstanding Events
    • At Catersource + The Special Event, you’ll enjoy experiences that deliver ideas and create innovations that you can incorporate into your own business - ideas that will impress your customers and help you see higher profits. 
  • Potential For Growth
    • This event rental tradeshow provides your business with the opportunity to grow because it’s the perfect environment to explore and develop relationships with vendors - and those vendors can take your events to a level you’ve never before considered. 
  • A Combined Show
    • There’s no denying that event planners and caterers can benefit from leaning on each other and utilizing the other’s services. This event does the work in bringing those two industries together for an unmatched, all-in-one experience. 

Catersource + The Special Event is the epitome of a busy marketplace, one that brings excitement and the opportunity to grow. Thousands of people spend time here, professionals from the catering and events industry alike, and do their fair share of work and play - but every single action is moving them towards an impactful end goal. Even the fun stuff, like relaxing happy hours, give business owners the opportunity to get to know one another and lay the foundation for a future working relationship. 

This event is centered around building community in order to celebrate both industries and move them forward. They want to see success for every business who attends - and that’s a major reason why we love showing up at Catersource + The Special Event.

Here are some examples of the professionals that attend this event:

  • Caterers
  • Event Planners
  • Chefs
  • Business Owners 

See You At The Tradeshows 

At Tent and Table, we’re very much looking forward to our exhibits this year at three of the most notable tradeshows in the industry. Showing up at these events is crucial to the success of your business, so don’t miss out.

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