Six Reasons Why Your University Needs a Tent

Six Reasons Why Your University Needs a Tent

A sigh of relief was heard ‘round the country as mandates for schools started to lift. We hope to put those mask-wearing days long behind us and continue to progress forward.

But what is this new normal? While schools may no longer be forced to host every activity outside in a tent with masks and six feet between everyone, many universities have realized the practicality of tents in ways not considered before. 

1. Orientation

“Check in over here!” “Club sign ups over there!” New student orientation has a ton of moving parts. Different colored pop up tents can help organize and direct attendees where to go.

2. Outdoor classrooms

The days of necessary tent classrooms may have passed, but studies show a positive correlation between student performance and outdoor learning. 

Consider forming an area filled with outdoor “learning rooms” for students to reserve for use, just as they would reserve a library room. In weather-permitting seasons, set up small frame tents, which can stay up for longer periods compared to pop-up tents, which are intended for short-time use. Complete outdoor study “rooms” with folding tables, chairs, and sidewalls to enclose the space.               

3. Special Events

Huge tent with premium sidewalls

There are a multitude of large-scale events that take place over the course of the academic year. These could include guest speakers, concerts, art shows, comedy acts, end-of-year festivals, and commencement.

In addition to student-directed events, fundraisers and galas that hundreds of alumni and donors flock to are just as prevalent.

Whatever the celebration, a stunning white high peak tent or pole tent can offer a breathtaking setting for any formal collegiate gathering. Complete the look with draping, balloons, stunning centerpieces, and elegant sidewalls.

4. Summer Camps and Athletic Training

Many colleges offer their spacious facilities and host summer camps for high school students. Additionally, athletic training begins in summer, before the rest of the campus returns for the fall semester. Similar to outdoor classrooms, create outdoor spaces that give campers and athletes alike the ability to be outside and retreat to a shaded area.   

5. Networking, Job Fairs, and Academic Conferences

One of the most beneficial parts of college is providing opportunities for students to build connections while looking for employment and internships. 

Host an outdoor “speed dating”-style networking event. Set up a large tent complete with round cocktail tables. Plan a job fair and arrange multiple 10’ x 10’ tents to serve as booths for companies looking to hire interns and new graduates. 

6. Tailgating and Sporting Events

Small 10x10 & 10x20 tents by Tent and TableWe know college rivalries exist. That’s why we fully support an all-out tailgate before entering the stadium to shout for your beloved team. And if planned tailgates are a common occurrence, investing in a quality tent will be much cheaper in the long run, rather than renting every time.

Whether you’re planning a tailgate just for students, or throwing a party for parents and alumni alike, sturdy West Coast Frame Tents might be the stable solution you want. They can be left up for longer periods of time, meaning you don’t need to take them down after every game. We’ve seen colleges set up “beer tents”, food tents, corn hole and beer pong areas, athletic apparel stands and more. Another added bonus: customize this tent with your university’s name or mascot.

If your university has recurring outdoor events and a need for commercial canopies, buying is better. It will save money in the long-run compared to renting year after year. A large tent could be an excellent investment and even open up new on-campus opportunities (i.e. hosting larger, more frequent, prominent events). The upfront cost may seem daunting, but having a quality, durable tent on-site whenever your campus needs it is worth the expenditure. 

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