How Businesses Can Benefit from Party Tent Ownership

How Businesses Can Benefit from Party Tent Ownership

Business events probably aren’t the first thing you think of when you see a party tent - your mind probably travels to weddings, carnivals, and graduations first. But try to think outside the box and consider all the benefits that a party tent can bring to a business. 

Party tents provide an enclosed space that can pop up anywhere. They can protect customers from the elements, like rain and relentless sun, and give your business an organized space to set up shop. 

Party tents come in handy more often than you realize, which is why it’s a wise financial decision for your business to own one rather than rent one. We’ll get into the reasons why in this article.

Owning a Party Tent

There’s not just one type of business that can benefit from owning a party tent. Whether you’re a mom-and-pop convenience store or a heavy-hitting accounting firm, party tents are a great asset. 

Owning a party tent can change (and improve) the ways that you engage with your customers and clients. When the weather is nice, you can use the tent to create an environment that welcomes fresh air to educate and interact with your customers, clients, and employees. When the weather isn’t so nice, you can attach enclosures to your party tent and create a comfortable temperature for everyone inside. 

Party tents aren’t just about staying protected from the elements. They also improve the branding of your business in the way that they set you apart from the rest. By going the extra mile for your customers, they’ll see that your organization is worth their time and money. 

Party Tents: Who Do They Work For?

There are all types of businesses that can use party tents to their advantage. Take a look at some of the most common types that get plentiful use out of party tents: 


Customers love dining outside, but sometimes the sun is just a little too hot, or it’s drizzling just enough to be bothersome. By placing a party tent over your restaurant’s patio area, you provide your customers with shelter so they can enjoy their meal with the fresh breeze. With a party tent, you can even use your patio when the weather cools down by enclosing it and controlling the internal temperature. 

Retail Stores

There’s nothing like a sidewalk sale during the summer, and a party tent is the perfect way to make sure the wares at your retail store stay protected from any unexpected rainstorms. That’s not the only use for a retail store, though - you can also put clearance items under it, use it to introduce new merchandise, or hold season-specific sales. 

You can also use your party tent to hold book signings, photo-ops, or product demonstrations. 

Medical Practices 

Party tents can be set up outside of healthcare facilities or along the road for special events. When flu season starts, it’s wiser to administer flu vaccines in an open-air area where the risk of getting sick is lower. We’re all experts on that phenomena after enduring the pandemic for two long years! 

Masseuses and chiropractors can also set up shop under a party tent in order to showcase their abilities and attract new clients.


Party tents work as wonderful shelters for a farmer’s market, as they protect the produce from the elements while customers enjoy the fresh air. They can also be used to protect the produce for a roadside stand if a farmer wants to set up their shop independently without waiting for the weekend.


Offices can use party tents in a wide variety of ways. No matter the industry, whether it’s accounting, marketing, finance, or something completely different, an office could use a party tent when hosting a conference and giving lectures, or they could use a tent to hold meet and greets. Instead of renting banquet space (which can get expensive), use a party tent instead. 

Pros and Cons

Instead of renting a party tent every time an event calls for coverage, it’s a wiser financial decision to simply have one on hand - especially if you know you’ll be putting it to good use as the years go by. 

But there’s no denying that a party tent is a sizable investment. So, before you purchase, consider the pros and cons: 


  • It’s convenient.

    When you own a party tent, it’s ready and waiting whenever you need it. Depending on the season, it might be difficult to rent a party tent. When you own one, you never have that problem. 

  • It’s cost-effective.

    When you buy a party tent, you make a purchase one time. When you rent one, you pay the rental fees again and again. When you rent, you must also pay for the company to deliver, assemble, and take down the tent. 

  • They’re simple.

    Party tents are in no way difficult to set up or take down. It’s a job that can be handled by just two people!

  • They’re versatile.

    You can anchor your party tent anywhere you see fit, from a parking lot to a grassy field. 


  • You’ll need storage.

    When you’re not using it, you’ll need a place to keep your tent. Not every business will want it up year-round. 

  • Space might be an issue.

    Your landlord might have regulations for using a party tent on the property - for example, you might not be able to block parking spaces or violate zoning codes. 

  • Low usage.

    Even though there are tons of ways to use a party tent, a super-small business might not get enough use out of it. 

  • It comes with maintenance.

    When you rent, you don’t have to clean or maintain the party tent. When you own one, just like owning anything else, you must keep up with its care yourself. 

Shopping For a Party Tent

If you’re leaning towards purchasing a party tent, here are some factors to keep at the forefront of your mind:

Your business needs. 

What do you plan on using your tent for, and how much space do you have to use it within? These are important questions to ask, answers to have to make sure you get the most out of your tent. 

The type of tent. 

Choosing between a frame tent and a pole tent hinges on knowing the difference between the two. While pole tents look nice on the outside, sometimes the poles under the canopy can obstruct vision. A frame tent does not have any obstructions, and can stand for a longer period of time. 

Ease of assembly. 

Choose a tent that has quick and easy assembly. If you choose one that comes with tool-free assembly, it can be completed efficiently by two people. 


By purchasing a tent with an enclosure kit, you can get more use out of it all year round. 

Investing in a Party Tent

When your business owns a party tent, you can put it to good use anytime you need to - and, since it’s yours, you won’t have to pay a dime to dust it off and set it up. 

Creating a unique customer experience is simple with party tents from Tent and Table. Contact us today to see what our tents can do for your business. 

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