15 Must-Have Winter Party Games, Plus Useful Utility Gear

15 Must-Have Winter Party Games, Plus Useful Utility Gear

The holiday season isn’t usually a busy one for event and party rental companies. But these fun winter party games can help you enhance your “down season” rentals and spread a little joy to your customers throughout the holidays.

Take the ‘Down’ out of ‘Down Season’ with Winter Party Games

Sledding is one of the world's most popular winter party games. These winter party games can be just as fun ... and considerably less damp!In the event and party rental industry, late Fall through early Spring—the “winter period”—is known as the “down season” or “slow season” for a fairly obvious reason: it’s cold outside. In most of the United States, at least. 

During the cold months, bounce houses and most canopy tents and wedding tents aren’t getting booked at all. Most consumers aren’t inclined to host birthday parties in winter, and winter weddings most often take place indoors or at particular destinations.

Of course, none of that is to say you won’t get bookings during the so-called “down season.” There’s still potential for event and party rentals. You’ll still rent out canopy tents equipped with tent sidewalls (have you read our story on how to heat party tents in winter?). There’s certain utility equipment that’s useful in winter, too. And then there are all of the fun winter party games!

Winter parties are usually indoors, but they’re still happening, and they still need to be entertaining. Sealed air frame games, carnival games, and traditional frame games are typically popular at events and parties all year long. So we thought we’d put together this list of fun winter party games that can thicken your down season revenue streams while providing loads of fun to your customers and their guests.

Winter Party Games for the Holidays

Santa Claus is Coming to Town Frame Game

Help Santa and Rudolf get prepped for Christmas with this carnival game that has players toss presents into sacks. And now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to skip ahead to the next entry before this song gets stuck in my head all day … nope, too late.

Decorate the Tree Sealed Air Frame Game

Another fun frame game for Christmas parties, the Decorate the Tree Sealed Air Frame Game is another tossing game, this one centered around a Christmas tree. Like the Santa game, the Christmas tree game is great for Christmas parties and December birthday parties

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Other Fun, Themed Winter Party Games

Snowball Fight Carnival Game

Those of you reading from places like Florida, Arizona, and Southern California may not be accustomed to snow, and most of the country doesn’t get it quite like we do here in Buffalo. It’s one of the things our city is best known for, alongside the Niagara Falls and the country’s best chicken wings. But snowball fights are tons of fun, and our exciting snowball fight interactive frame game lets you in on some of that fun indoors. You get to negate the downsides of snowball fights, too, like frostbitten fingers and the big watery mess aftermath.

Winter Fun Air Frame Game

This fun tossing air frame game is centered around a snowman and is a great addition to your sealed air frame game catalog.

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Penguin Fish Fling Interactive Game

Help a penguin catch himself some dinner in this interactive tossing frame game, where players chuck fishies into the penguin’s bag for points.

The Big Freeze Carnival Game

Very loosely inspired by a popular series of animated films, the Big Freeze features cute creatures and is intended for younger players.

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Sports Themed Winter Party Games

Slap Shot Hockey Interactive Carnival Frame Game

The NHL hockey season runs from October through April … right smack dab in the middle of the event and party rental industry’s down season. This hockey themed carnival game is great for birthday parties and parties centered around NHL games. The Stanley Cup Finals usually happen in May and June, just when business is getting back into full summer swing.

Hockey Sealed Air Frame Game

In the same vein as the Slap Shot frame game, this hockey themed sealed air frame game is also great for birthdays and hockey game parties.

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Quarterback Toss Fun Interactive Party Carnival Game

Like the hockey season, much of the NFL football season takes place during the earlier half of the winter months, and there are usually lots of fun football parties and Superbowl parties to get booked at. The Quarterback Toss Interactive Carnival Frame Game is lots of fun and helps your customers and their guests bring the big game into their social functions.

First Down Football Sealed Air Frame Game

A fun football themed sealed air frame game is the perfect compliment to your other winter party games, and is great for sports themed events and parties.

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Some Not-As-Fun Utility Items for Winter Parties

As much fun as the items on this list have been thus far, our winter event and party bookings can’t be all fun and games, all the time. And there are equipment items customers could find extremely useful for their winter events and winter parties.

Santa Air Dancers for Your Outdoor Winter Marketing Efforts

Here’s a two-in-one for you: Santa-themed air dancers, one with a traditional Santa Claus look and the other with a gold star and moon theme. These are great to use for marketing or for alerting guests to a holiday or Christmas party location. 

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Zoom Floor Dryers

Winter is a soggy, sloshy, slippery season where shoes and boots spend as much time soaked as they do dry. If you live in a climate with snow, we don’t need to tell you just how big of a mess it can cause. Zoom floor dryers are a great investment for winter and will see bookings not only at parties and events, but even with some local companies encountering basement flooding or particularly high indoor foot traffic in and around the holidays.

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Patio and Tent Heaters

If you’re already familiar with our products here at Tent and Table, you likely already saw this one coming. We offer a full line of outdoor heaters perfectly suited for winter parties. Provide a warm-up station for guests attending outdoor functions, or install your winter party games inside canopy tents with sidewalls and heaters to keep the fun going even when the weather is refusing to cooperate.

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Winter is Here. Do You Have Your Winter Party Games?

Winter is an ideal time to repair and replenish your rental inventory. To train and prepare your staff for the next season. To read blog articles (hello there!) and learn some useful tips and advice before the bounce house calls start hopping your way. But don’t let the shoddy winter weather fool you into thinking you won’t get any work for a while.

Building snowmen is a great family pastime

You’ll still get calls from customers looking to book your company and your equipment for events. People still need services and products like yours all year round. And being equipped with fun winter party games can go a long way toward ensuring you’re landing the fun party bookings you want to book.

We hope this list of fun winter party games and useful winter utilities helps you land some great winter and holiday season bookings. And if there are winter themed products out there you wish Tent and Table would sell, or items you think we should include in this list, please let us know in the comments section below!

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