Tent and Table has high-quality tents in stock for your event.

As event organizers, you know that clients don't always have the best timing. And sometimes, they don't have any timing at all.

Party tents for events are not like bags of potato chips - finding your preferred option sitting on a store shelf is just not realistic.

At Tent and Table, however, we can help when surprise deadlines are looming. Our tent stock is strong: We carry a wide variety of party tents on our shelves, waiting for your order.

Wide variety of tent stock

While we may not have the exact tent you want, we have several reliable options to help you handle surprises:

  • Large party tents. Perfect for creating a shelter during an outdoor event, these tents offer plenty of space underneath for a few vendors, a food line or some picnic tables.
  • Pop-up party tents. These 10' x 10' standards are must-haves for art festivals, swap meets, tailgating and more. We carry party tents in a wide variety of colors.
  • High-peak party tents. These options have dramatic central points that look absolutely magical. They are perfect for carnivals, art festivals and weddings, and we offer them in a variety of colors.
  • Tube tents. Made to occupy a long, narrow space, we offer singe tube tents as large as 10' x 100'.

What sort of tent do you need? Is it because of a surprise client or an equipment disaster? We can help you out. At Tent and Table, a personal consultant will listen to your needs and point you toward an option that helps your event go off without a hitch.